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What is the ‘magic potion’ fuelling Novak Djokovic?




There is a certain aura that follows Novak Djokovic around. For many, that can come across as a cloak of invincibility.

Many have tried, and failed, down the years to pierce the Serbian superstar’s impenetrable armour. For plenty of rivals, he has become an unmovable object.

Djokovic is now the best-decorated tennis player of all time in the men’s game, with the promise still there for more major silverware to be collected.


Having illuminated courts in Melbourne, Paris, New York and Wimbledon, it appears there is no stopping the most dominant of sporting forces.

That statement rings true as much in the present as it has ever done, with Djokovic the overwhelming 10/11 favourite in US Open 2023 betting to capture the 24th Grand Slam crown of his already record-breaking career.

While such success is almost universally admired, with tennis betting tips seemingly forever weighted in his favour, a green-eyed monster can spring up in some. For those who are unable to knock Djokovic from the loftiest of perches, questions need to be asked about how he has been so good, for so long.


With his every move being dissected in minute detail, attention has shifted at times towards the contents of a mysterious water bottle. There have been occasions in which those inside the Djokovic camp have gone to great lengths in order to keep a seemingly winning formula secret.

The man himself has shrugged off the interest in his gameday fluid by branding it “magic potion”, but that has only served to heighten interest among those desperate to enjoy the kind of marginal gains that make the difference between good and great.

Djokovic has vowed to deliver answers “soon, but not so soon”, with it suggested that he is piecing together a range of supplement products that are not yet ready to be released to the masses that make up a global marketplace.

His wife, Jelena, has also taken to firing back at those who continue to indulge in unnecessary probing. She has said: “This whole nonsense about making people speak about something they aren’t ready because others are inpatient is absurd. Sit a bit in silence. Mind yourself more. Not everything you see is controversial. It could be private. Is that allowed?”

Djokovic has been happy to reveal in public that he now favours a plant-based diet. While he has always been able to push himself to the limit and beyond, change was always going to be required at some point in order to achieve the longevity that all icons crave.

He now has more energy and does not break down as much, which is an alarming combination for those hoping to steal a crown from the king of world tennis.


It would appear as though Djokovic merely looks after himself in the best possible way. He leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection – much like stars of other sports – and is committed fully to his chosen profession.

Can all of his opponents claim as much? If not, then maybe they should be less concerned about the contents of a distracting water bottle and more focused on the effort being put into their own game on and off the court.

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