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Portuguese Friendship Association with Israel supports Antonio Costa as President of European Council




After criticism from the Jewish Community of Porto, which yesterday considered the appointment of the former prime minister to Brussels “an anti-Semitic coup,” the Lusa Portuguese for Israel Association congratulates the choice of the former ruler for the position, leaving praise and remembering “bridges” that Portuguese always build.

There was a first immediate reaction, through social networks, and today an official communication, with the Lusa Portuguese Association for Israel (ALPI) distancing itself from the statements of the Jewish Community of Porto, which yesterday came to state that the appointment of António Costa as president of the European Council was “an anti-Semitic coup”. Congratulating the choice of the former prime minister for the position, ALPI even underlines how “prestigious” it is for the country to appoint Costa to that position, where he will have “an essential role for the future of the EU and for the challenges we face today”.

Yesterday, in a publication released on the internet, the Jewish Community of Porto said that the choice of António Costa could be “a problem for Jews living in the European Union”, accusing the former prime minister of having “a history of animosity against the Jewish community”. Statements that the Lusa Portuguese for Israel Association makes a point of demarcating itself, invoking a choice that stands out “in the construction of a better relationship with the State of Israel, its people and its diaspora”.

“The position of external representative of the Union in matters such as foreign and security affairs makes the role of Dr. António Costa extremely important for the relations between the Union and the State of Israel, namely with regard to the challenge faced by the latter on the issue of terrorism and the security of all member countries and their citizens, in the response that the Union may give to States or Organizations that promote terrorist activities”, stresses the document signed by Madalena Barata, president of ALPI, where it is also stressed that there is “not the slightest doubt” that the former ruler is “the best prepared person for the position”, recalling the history of the Portuguese “in their ability to build bridges”.

“In the context of today’s world in which we consider to be an even greater challenge, we can only express our support and best wishes for success in this new mission”, stresses the Association.


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