#Africa must take greater responsibility for its problems

eu africaIt is in all our interests for African countries to do more to create peace and stability on their continent, but they need help in this.

 A report by Conservative Security and Defense spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MEP on peace support operations in Africa was today approved by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee with a comprehensive majority of 58 in favour, 6 against and 2 abstentions.

 Van Orden commented: “So often the Parliament’s reports tend to be eulogies about the EU role as if the EU alone was shouldering the world’s problems. I wanted this report to be a realistic portrayal of the current situation and offer some clearer solutions to the problems of peace support operations, especially in Africa.

 “The report acknowledges the efforts of the United Nations, the African Union, the United States and NATO, as well as many European countries and the EU itself.  It also recognizes the need to focus on capacity building rather than the short-term fix of capacity substitution, so that the African nations do more and take greater responsibility for their continent.

 “A key priority is to make the African Standby Force – a rapid intervention force manned by Africans – operational as soon as possible.”

 The report also calls for greater transparency and closer scrutiny of the use of funds from national governments to the UN and the EU and for improvements to be made on better coordination amongst all international contributors to avoid unnecessary duplication.

 The report is expected be voted on by the full Parliament at June’s plenary session in Strasbourg.


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