Euromed Summit of economic and social interest groups and institutions in Cyprus: ‘The potential of the Mediterranean region lies in its people’

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Women and young people must have the chance of receiving a solid education, support to help them succeed as entrepreneurs, and labour conditions that offer them proper social protection. The social economy can offer one possible way for people to get out of poverty, social exclusion and the informal economy.
These are some of the points in the Final Declaration drafted on the occasion of the Euromed summit of the economic and social councils held by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Nicosia/Cyprus on 26 and 27 November.
Young men and women are assets and the key to a prosperous future 

The Euromed summit focused on exploring ways of eradicating poverty, considering in particular the economic and social situation of young people and, above all, women in the Mediterranean region. Participants agreed that the region’s development, growth and competitiveness depend on making full use of its human capital at all levels and in all sectors of economic activity.

Organized civil society: A foundation stone of democracy 

Summit attendees called upon governments in the region to respect basic democratic principles, and especially to safeguard, recognize and promote economic and social organisations and councils, which play a vital consultative role in policymaking.

Civil society around the Mediterraean: Common challenges

EESC President Henri Malosse, who opened the Euromed summit, stressed the need for civil society representatives to build strong relations based on hard work and mutual support to address common challenges in the region: “Civil society must pave the way for governments in offering potential solutions to the challenges our societies are faced with.” The EESC president called on the European Commission to ensure that the Mediterranean region receives the attention it deserves in future European policies.


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