Five recyclable household items that need more #recycling

| June 28, 2019

As the world continues to confront a variety of complex environmental problems, recycling is one of the tools that we humans can use to reduce our overall impact on the ecosystem. Some items contain harmful, non-biodegradable materials that need to be properly processed and disposed of – such as certain electronic components – while others are simply a source of massive amounts of waste, such as plastic.

Even if you already have a recycling bin in your home, there’s a good chance that you might not be recycling the following household items:

1. Mattresses

Most people either sell their mattresses to someone else or pay the local authority to collect them. While you might think that you’re “recycling” your mattress by selling it, in reality it will probably still wind up in a landfill somewhere when the next party is done with it.

If you really want to recycle the right way, there’s probably a bed and mattress collection service in your area that will come pick up your mattress and bring it to a recycling centre for a fee. Luckily, one of the UK’s leading mattress retailers, Happy Beds, has put together an overview of the mattress recycling costs which you can find on their website.

2. Batteries

If you aren’t already collecting your used batteries for recycling, now is a good time to start. As you may know, batteries can leech harmful chemicals into the ground. While not all batteries can be recycled, it’s worth looking into this topic further if you’re an environmentally conscious consumer. Contact your local recycling centre to find out what kind of batteries you can recycle.

3. Clothing

Like mattresses, clothing is another household item that many people either give away, sell, or throw in the trash. Again, while handing your clothing down to others or selling it on the second-hand market is technically a form of short-term recycling, the clothes may still wind up in a landfill later on if they’re not properly recycled.

4. Computers

How many times have you recycled a computer in your life? Now, how many computers have you owned? The vast majority of consumers don’t bother with recycling computers and similar electronic devices because it’s not as simple as throwing something into a bin. On the bright side, some recycling companies will even pay you for your junk computers.

5. Cell Phones

Did you know that there are nearly nine billion active mobile phone connections worldwide? Sadly, only a tiny percentage of those phones are actually being recycled. The vast majority of them wind up in the bin with a cracked screen.

This is another household item that people will usually sell or give away when they’ve gotten their use out of it, but once again, that’s only one way to postpone the disposal of an item – it’s not truly recycling.

Make Recycling a Hobby

With so many items capable of being recycled and new recycling processes being invented on a regular basis, it can be tough to keep up with everything. Thus, you might want to spend a bit of your free time researching recycling methods so that you can put together a comprehensive plan for recycling all of your home’s recyclable items.



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