‘A vision for the internal market for industrial products’

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P017497000202On 22 January, the European Commission will issue a Communication on ‘A vision for the internal market for industrial products’. The objective is to improve the legislative framework on the internal market and set out a broader vision for the next decade.

The Communication will highlight the achievements of this Commission and identify recommendations concerning EU harmonisation, effectiveness and implementation of the existing EU rules and set out intentions for the future.


This Communication is a response to the March 2013 European Council’s request to report on the review of the internal market for industrial products. It will be part of the Industrial policy package, which the Commission will present on 22 January 2014.

The internal market for products has been a frontrunner in EU economic integration. Intra EU-trade in goods represented around 17% of EU GDP in 1999 and close to 22% in 2011. Strengthening the effectiveness of the internal market for industrial products was identified as a priority in the October 2012 update on an integrated industry policy.

The purpose of the legislation for industrial products is to facilitate access to market through harmonised rules which are meant to protect consumers, public health, the environment or other public interests. These rules preclude the adoption of possibly divergent national rules ensuring the free circulation within the EU’s internal market and a level playing field for businesses.

The Communication builds on the results of a public consultation of stakeholders as well as an evaluation of EU law for industrial products. This evaluation assessed the coherence of the regulatory framework’s and whether it is fit from an industry perspective. The Communication’s main elements will be presented in the form of a Commission staff working document and attached to the Communication.

Internal market for products


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