DIY-biology and bio-hacking: Bioterrorism threat or scientific opportunity?

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The second edition of the NCT Briefing entitled ‘DIY-biology and bio-hacking: Bioterrorism threat or scientific opportunity?’ will be held on 19 March at the Aloft Hotel from 18-20h.

The guest speakers are:

·         Thomas Landrain, Co-founder and President, La Paillasse – Paris Community Lab for Biotech.

·         Jorge Bento Silva, Deputy Head of Unit Crisis Management and Fight Against Terrorism, Internal Security Directorate, DG Home Affairs, European Commission.

This briefing aims to give participants an insight into DIY-biology and bio-hacking therefore topics such as synthetic biology and bio-informatics will be addressed. In addition, we will take a look at the bio-hacker movement in general as well as give an overview of specific DIY biology projects under way.

The underlining question during this briefing will be to determine if DIY-biology and Bio-hackers constitute a threat to security. Indeed, most of the time DIY-biology is conducted in garages and backyards without any State supervision. For the time being, biological contamination cases as a result of Bio-hackers are very rare but what if terrorist groups where to develop their own capabilities?

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