Renowned #magic show set to put a spell on Brussels audience

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226465-IllusionistsTopPhoto-6931fb-original-1475747509Do you marvel at magic … find illusions incredible? If so, a show heading for Brussels will be right up your street.

Called “The Illusionists”, this touring magic spectacle been lauded as “death defying”, “dazzling” and “dizzying.”

It features a rotating cast of seven magicians and is great entertainment, for young and old alike.

The show, which hits Brussels next month, premiered in Sydney in 2012 and, since then, has gone on to collect one top award after another.

The promotional blurb calls it a “mind blowing spectacular” which showcases the “jaw dropping talents of seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth.”

For once, the hype is not exaggerated. In 2014, it was one of the highest grossing productions on Broadway and, two years later, was the first show to exceed over €1m in one week in London’s West End.

In between, five of the show’s conjurors dazzled TV audiences when they appeared on America’s Got Talent.

The Illusionists show has, in fact, shattered box office records across the globe and dazzles audiences of all ages with a powerful mix of the most outrageous and astonishing acts ever to be seen on stage.

A non-stop show, it is packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions. Those lucky enough to catch the show when it arrives in Brussels next month will witness stunning acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and for the first time ever in history, a full view water torture escape. This group of world-class performers take their cue from the showmanship of the great illusionists of the past – such as Harry Houdini – and pair it with a new and updated contemporary aesthetic, whose set and costume design lend the genre a theatricality and artistry that has rarely been seen before.

Among those taking part in the Brussels show (at Forest National, Brussels on 4 and 5 March) is Ben Blaque who’s America’s foremost master of the crossbow and his act made it to the quarter final of America’s Got Talent.

Ben performs incredibly dangerous acts of dexterity using highly powerful crossbows to shoot various objects supported by his assistant. His acts are as thrilling and action-packed as they are entertaining.He developed his amazingly skilled crossbow performance while working as a crew member at the world-renowned Kirby Van Burch Show in Branson, Missouri.

He has not only performed live on international TV, but also with several variety shows. Ben is joined on stage by Yu Ho-Jin who, through elegant manipulation and mystery, has the ability to turn anyone into a fan and was recently named Magician of the Year.

At the age of nine, the South Korean Yu developed an interest in magic and would eventually turn his conservative parents, who originally opposed his magic, into his biggest fans. Often referred to as “The Future of Magic,” Yu would go on to win numerous magic competitions.

At age 19, he was the Grand Prix Winner in stage magic at Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM) World Championships of Magic (2012), a competition that is considered the Olympic games for magicians.

Ben, Yu and his massively talented colleagues have been seen by millions of people around the world and this production, promoted by MB Presents, a leading Belgian company that specializes in the promotion of live entertainment, showcases their incredible talents together on stage for the very first time.

Most of us love a spot of “abracadabra” but this show goes a step further from mere run of the mill magic and presents what The New York Times hailed as “hi tech magic.”


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