#Helsinki and #Lyon named #EuropeanCapitalsOfSmartTourism in 2019

| September 27, 2018

Helsinki and Lyon have been announced as the winners of the first edition of the European Capital of Smart Tourism competition. The two cities have showcased how they can develop tourism sustainably, ensure accessibility to destinations, embrace the digital transformation and link tourism to cultural heritage.

Throughout 2019 Lyon and Helsinki will be given EU wide visibility and will be provided with networking opportunities, exchange of best practice and expert support. Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska said: “Congratulations to Helsinki and Lyon for their successes. I believe that the European Capital of Smart Tourism initiative will help to establish a framework of exchange of good practices and co-operation between European cities. The tourism sector is very important for the EU economy so we all need to work together effectively to be competitive and grow in a sustainable way.” In addition, four cities have been recognized for their outstanding achievements in accessibility (Malaga, Spain), sustainability (Ljubljana, Slovenia), digitization (Copenhagen, Denmark) and cultural heritage & creativity (Linz, Austria).

The winners, which will officially be honoured at the European Tourism Day conference on 7 November 2018 in Brussels, have been chosen among a total of 38 cities from 19 EU Member States. With a contribution of 10% to EU GDP, the tourism sector plays a crucial role in generating growth and jobs, but still holds untapped potential – especially in the area of smart tourism. The European Commission aims to keep the European tourism sector ahead of the curve.

More information is available here.

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