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Russia’s media reveal names of EU citizens supporting Russia in Ukraine war




Russia’s propaganda machine regularly produces articles about citizens, and public and business organizations that allegedly help Russian troops and mercenaries in Ukraine by supplying the forces with food, medicine, military uniforms, equipment, and financial aid for the purchase of drones, telescopic sights, and thermal imaging cameras among other things.

Earlier this year, the state-controlled newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that large donations had allegedly been made by businessmen from the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia to buy supplies for Russian troops on the ground. The article also claimed that the assistance had been provided by European citizens. “From the early days of Russia’s military operation, Igor Tauberger (Archenkov), a businessman, who has lived in Germany for many years but has not lost touch with Russia, has become an active sponsor of our fighters on the ground helping them in every possible way in spite of EU sanctions against Russia,” Komsomolskaya Pravda alledges.

This is ostensibly confirmed by other Russian sources. “Ironically, some of the money to support Russia’s forces comes from European countries. In particular, Igor Tauberger, a businessman from Germany, makes donations through volunteer fundraising channels. Igor was born in Astrakhan but relocated to Europe in 1995, where he opened a chain of Russian food stores and a restaurant. While living abroad he tried to defend the rights of Russian-speaking citizens in Germany by political means but could not continue in the face of Germany’s strong pro-Ukrainian lobby. Nonetheless, since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, he has been fully supporting the Russian army along with other businessmen from the Astrakhan region,” writes the Russian Web site    

This information has turned out to be true. Since 1995, Igor Tauberger has lived in Germany, where he opened stores selling Russian goods to expatriates. Fifteen years ago, he launched a series of meetings between Russian and German businessmen at the Russian Embassy in Bonn. He joined the party Einheit to establish representation bodies for German Russian-speaking citizens. Since 2017, Igor Tauberger has been dealing with Lingenfeld commercial real estate while also developing his chain of stores selling Russian goods and sponsoring various charity organizations, including some that help Russian forces in Ukraine.

The Russian state-controlled media network Russia Today devoted an entire report to the work of the activist group known as “Fraternal Motorcycle Aid of Germany” and did an interview with one of its leaders Nikolai Fast, an ethnic German, who was born in the Russian region of Altai, but has long lived in Germany and has German citizenship.

Earlier a Russian media outlet reported that a German citizen Sven Marco Mario Kuhn had been granted a residence permit in the Russian Federation for helping the Russian army, as was confirmed by the Moscow region’s authorities. They said Kuhn was involved in volunteer work to assist Russian soldiers. The German citizen was awarded the permit to reside in a region of Moscow, in a formal ceremony.


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