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Network VC (USA) has created a Special Venture Fund and a "Support Ukrainian Startups" program to invest in startups from Ukraine.

Investors from all over the world can support Ukrainian startups and help entrepreneurs survive this difficult time of war in Ukraine.

The fund will finance several dozen startups, which will be selected through an open competition on the Unicorn.Events platform as well as based on our own analytics.


Since February 24, 2022 all Ukrainian startups had woken up to a new reality being held as hostages of war that Russia had started by bombing Ukrainian cities! Many entrepreneurs are continuing to work on their laptops from bunkers and temporary shelters and fighting for their freedom with the enemy! Some of them were forced to leave a country seeking a safer place outside the nightmare that Putin’s troops had brought to the peaceful Ukraine.

We constantly monitor the situation and help all the way we can, because we care! And if we all unite our efforts we can drastically change the situation for better at least for the startups, their families and employees. Now is the time for all the good people to show the strength of unity and support!

The investment inflow will help startups to pay employees that were forced to leave their homes today or are still staying in Ukraine under the fire.


Also Ukrainian startups very often have back offices in Ukraine and pay taxes in Ukraine. It will help Ukraine in general to resist Russian aggression.

We already started funding up our special venture fund  Network VC Syndicate Fund Series Ukraine that you are welcome to join.

As you may know, there are many tech startups in Ukraine, and some of them have already become unicorns, such as GitLab - $2.7B; Grammarly - $13B; BitFury - $1B+; Ring - bought by Amazon for $1B; Genesis - $1B+; - $1.1B, Firefly Aerospace - $1B+.

Don't remain indifferent, let's support Ukrainian startups together!

We are sure that you will join us in this peaceful mission - to make the world a better place for talented people - Ukrainian startups that need our help.

We'll try to help as many worthy projects as possible!

We are ready to complete the mission!

Network VC (US) is a smart ecosystem that consists of various software solutions and internet platforms that unites startups, investors, business angels, experts, professional scouts and high-level managers in a single business space, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently solve any task in the field of innovations and startups.

Unicorn.Events - 280+ events on 6 continents in 125 countries, 345m investment raised by winners, over 500+ VCs in the community, 1000+ angels and private investors.

VC.House - Venture Funds (VCs) are able to find startups and co-invest with other VCs by becoming members of a closed community VC.HOUSE that is being set up by us right now. Only active VCs can become community members.

SVSY.Club - Over 2 years of experience, portfolio of 25+ startups, exit with 32X profit, current portfolio multiple is 2.87X

Startup.Network - It is a public web-based service for the venture market participants that allows entrepreneurs place their ideas, startups or business projects to search for investments and gives an opportunity for investors to contact entrepreneurs directly

Startup.Inc - an investment platform with a personal investor's cabinet for our members. It allows you to invest in all the actual deals of our fund online, receive information on all your investments, receive news and relevant information on your investment portfolio.

Additionally, starting today all our structures will send 10% of the proceeds to support NGOs that support Ukrainians.

Our goal is to raise $10M and more to support Ukrainian startups.

How investors can participate in the "Support Ukrainian Startups" program:

Register by clicking here: Startup.Inc*. is an investment platform with a personal investor cabinet. It allows you to invest in all actual deals of our fund online, receive information on all your investments, receive news and relevant information on your investment portfolio.

* Registration and KYC (know your customer) is required. Only for accredited investors, US and Russian investors are not eligible for the program either.

The amount raised will be invested in the selected startups.  Startup selection has already begun using all the resources of Unicorn Events and VC.House.


We believe in Ukraine and believe in victory!

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