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Running a business in Ukraine during war




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On 24th February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine has become entangled in a war they never wanted.  The war has displaced approximately 10 million people, and over 2000 buildings have been destroyed. These stats are a clear indication that Russia is a violent nation promoting terror and chaos in the world.

World leaders have heavily sanctioned Russia for this act by restricting trade, banning businesses, and closing down operations. As far as trade in Ukraine is concerned, several businesses are still operating, while others have inevitably had to relocate to safer areas.

This article will talk about the state of businesses within Ukraine and the measures by Indeema Software to help their employees.

Businesses in Ukraine

There were over 5,000 IT organizations in Ukraine prior to the war. Many of them were forced to flee, particularly those from the country's east, where the majority of the attacks take place. These businesses are doing their best to maintain the economic standing of Ukraine. While most other businesses have shut down or stopped operations for safety reasons, several businesses pertaining to the IT industry are continuing operations.

Businesses shutting down are taking a massive toll on the country’s economy, not to mention the livelihood of individuals in Ukraine. The IT sector is trying to minimize the impact. While employees are being forced to relocate to West Ukraine or other countries, they are still going about their operations to keep the ball rolling.

Indeema Playing Its Part

Indeema Software is based in Ukraine and works on IoT projects for global organizations. The company is located in Lviv and currently operating as usual. While other countries may have boycotted Russia and refuse to do business, Indeema has never dealt with Russia since it started business globally. This is because Ukraine and Russia have always had unrest. Whether you call it foresight or just a clever decision overall, Indeema does not have any connections with Russia, now or before the war.

A country promoting violence and killing thousands of innocent people cannot be considered business prospects by any organization. As a company with a good reputation among IoT project managers worldwide, Indeema and their partners have identified and barred colleagues who still have offices in Russia from "joining the IT club." Similar to Indeema, large tech companies have also restricted business with Russia. All these attempts are put towards sanctioning Russia and retracting any support they can get from any sector.


Finally, Indeema has ensured that the employees and the families are safe by relocating them to different regions or countries abroad to help them escape the hardships.

Global Organizations Playing their Part

No one is supporting Russia in this act of terror. While global organizations cannot make a statement, they are all playing their part by withdrawing businesses from Russia in protest. 

One of the most significant blows that Russia is currently facing is on the banking system. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have withdrawn their operations in Russia. This is taken further, with Russian banks becoming disconnected from SWIFT. As a result, it has become virtually impossible for Russia to do business with any other country. 

Ukraine has always been known for its expertise in the tech industry, specifically IoT projects. Ukraine has some of the most decorated IT experts with years of experience. Companies like Indeema Software have advised organizations to stop business with Russia and opt for Ukrainian tech vendors to show support. Russia is committing a crime against humanity, and continuing to work with them can imply solidarity with their actions.  

We can see that these sanctions are already affecting Russia as businesses are failing and people are losing their jobs. This translates to the economy starting to falter, and while there may be innocent people in Russia, these sanctions will impact ordinary citizens. This impact will lead to people revolting within Russia, which at the current time, is one of the things that can stop Russia from this war.

People Playing their Part

Finally, when it comes to the consumer, there is a clear trend that has been all over the world. People have started boycotting goods produced in Russia.

Instead, organizations and consumers are turning towards goods and services produced in Ukraine to show support. This is helping Ukraine improve its economy and providing them enough to fight back the attacks.

Indeema Software is an IoT solution provider that offers IT solutions to organizations worldwide. We have been operating in Ukraine for years, and in these trying times, we ensure undying support towards Ukraine and its people.

Wrapping Up

War is never a solution, and any country that propagates terror and crime must be shown a united front. The world has shunned Russia, and rightfully so. Their actions against Ukraine are unjustified. They have already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. While most countries may not be able to intervene, they can, however, show their support. The global community has started chipping away at its economy by boycotting the goods and services produced in Russia and restricting business there.

Indeema Software is committed to offering any support needed by Ukraine to help them build its economy. If you are looking to get your IoT projects done while supporting Ukraine, visit Indeema and learn how we can help.

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