Spotlight on innovation performance of member states and regions

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EU-innovation-performance-report1On 4 March, the European Commission will present the 2014 Innovation Union Scoreboard and the Regional Innovation Scoreboard reports that benchmark innovation performance and potential of member states and regions.

The reports rank member states and regions according to their innovation performance – indicating the leaders, followers, moderate and modest innovators. The reports also review the development of innovation performance in the EU, at national and regional levels, over a period of eight years.


For more than a decade the Innovation Union Scoreboard has examined the EU’s and member states’ innovation policy performance, using statistical analysis to track progress towards a more innovative European economy – a vital element of Europe 2020’s smart growth strategy.

It monitors innovation progress and performance on the basis of twenty five indicators grouped in eight areas relevant to European national research and innovation systems and business activity, such as: human resources; open, excellent and attractive research systems; finance and support; investment by companies; linkages and entrepreneurship; intellectual assets; innovating enterprises and economic effects.

The report covers member states, candidate and associated countries, and to a limited extent the EU’s main global economic partners, such as the US, Japan, South Korea and the BRICS countries.

Every two years, the Innovation Union Scoreboard is accompanied by the Regional Innovation Scoreboard. The 2014 Regional Innovation Scoreboard provides a comparative assessment of innovation performance across 190 regions of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland using a number of research and innovation indicators.


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