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#GDPR: Technology think thank criticized new EU data regulation




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windows10-data-protectionThe Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a technology policy think tank,  released a critical statement about the approval of Europe’s new general data protection regulation (GDPR) by the European Parliament.

ITIF President Robert D. Atkinson said: "History will likely show that Europe’s new data protection regulation was a mistake. While the world is in the process of taking a giant step forward by marshalling the power of big data and the Internet of Things to grow the economy, improve governance, and solve pressing social problems, European policymakers have chosen to take two giant steps backward.

"The new regulation’s intent may have been to give citizens control of their personal data, but its provisions will be onerous in practice—like trying to sail with an anchor overboard. Large, medium-sized, and small businesses, entrepreneurs, civil society groups, and government all will have an unduly hard time using data to start new ventures, expand well-established ones, or enrich European citizens’ lives by discovering solutions to challenges in health care, education, or the environment.

"The new regulation should not be the last word on these issues. European policymakers have until 2018, when the law comes into force, to turn in a new direction. Now is the time to get started working on a new framework that is actually appropriate for a modern data economy."

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