Informal EU summit: Ska Keller on #EUBudget and #Spitzenkandidaten

| February 22, 2018

On Friday (23 February), European leaders will arrive in Brussels for an informal meeting of the European Council in the EU-27 format.   

The agenda includes discussions on Spitzenkandidaten for future European elections and the political priorities for the multiannual financial framework (MFF) after 2020.

Greens/EFA Co-President Ska Keller said: “If we want the European Union to be strong and active, we need to have resources for it. Member states must fill the Brexit-shaped hole in the EU budget. If Europe is to thrive, we need to invest in our people, our climate, and our future. We also need to put the EU Budget on a more independent and sustainable footing, without being in the hands of squabbling member states. This can be achieved with own resources for the EU, for example through a carbon tax or a plastic tax as proposed by Budget Commissioner Öttinger.

“Spitzenkandidaten, leading candidates, are an important step towards a more democratic European Union because they give European elections a face. If member states want to give up that progress because they are afraid their own politician group will not win or because they prefer making backroom deals, that would be an insult to European citizens. The heads of state and governments should keep in mind that it is the European Parliament that votes on the Commission President. The Greens/EFA group will certainly not support a candidate which the Council has pulled out of its hat in a backroom.”


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