#Sudan – No justification for violence against peaceful demonstrators

| June 4, 2019

At least 35 peaceful protesters were killed in Sudan as Sudanese security forces cleared protest camps near army headquarters in Khartoum on July 3, 2019, writes EU Reporter’s David Kunz.

The protests come in the wake of the ousting of former president Omar al-Bashir in April. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) of Sudan took power after this. Yesterday, the TMC proposed a plan to hold elections within nine months.

Paramilitary groups fired on the pro-democratic civilian demonstrators who reject the TMC’s proposition. Democratic protestors believe the people should lead the transition for a new Sudanese government.

On Monday, the European Union Commission called on Sudan’s military leaders to allow people to protest peacefully and urged a speedy transfer of power to civilians.

“We are helping the transition military administration and are stressing that people must have the right to demonstrate peacefully without being subjected to any violence,” said  Maja Kocijančič, spokespersons for EU foreign affairs.

“Any decisions to intensify the use of violence can only derail the political process,” said Kocijančič.

High Representative Frederica Mogherini has repeatedly stressed that the EU will provide political and economic support once this transition is made peacefully.

“We have not provided any direct financial support to the Sudanese government in the past, and this has also not changed,” said Kocijančič.


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