Boris Johnson to be called to High Court in another misfeasance case.

| June 4, 2019

The recent news that Boris Johnson is to have to appear in court to face a charge of malfeasance in public office over the Leave campaign’s fake £350 mill NHS claim  is not the only such charge being levelled against the man.

Another and potentially bigger case looms over Boris Johnson’s head – the London disused tube station project to which Boris is to be called as a witness in respect of the alleged theft of Ajit Chambers’s work.

Ajit Chambers and Boris Johnson

 Mr Chambers is suing Transport for London for an undisclosed sum claiming Boris Johnson’s malfeasance in public office. 

 With Ajit’s case being filed in HM High Court, the summons for Mr Johnson will cause Ajit and Boris to face direct questioning over what exactly happened during their private meetings in City Hall.

 Mr Chambers’s  collation of 148,000 emails, self funding of the multi million pound  lawsuit, and his use the UK’s crack legal team are all  confident signs that the markets believe he has enough  evidence to prove the case.

 Will the former Mayor be running for Prime Minister… or simply running.


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