Conference: Evaluating the performance of #CohesionPolicy investments, for even better results in the next long-term #EUBudget

| June 20, 2019

Today (20 June), Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Creţu (pictured) is in Bucharest to attend the 8th Conference on the evaluation of Cohesion Policy. For decades, the Commission, member states and independent experts have evaluated the performance of cohesion investments. These evaluations helped increase value for money and eventually shape the successive reforms of the policy itself, making it ever more focused on results.

Ahead of the start of the 2021-2027 EU budget period, the conference will gather high-level speakers who will discuss how to make the monitoring and evaluation of cohesion investments, smart specialization strategies and territorial investment strategies even more efficient.

Commission Creţu commented, ahead of the conference: “We have evidence that throughout the years, the culture and tradition of evaluation in Cohesion Policy has not only made the policy itself more impactful, it has also instilled a focus on performance in many national public policies. This is another Cohesion Policy success story we can be proud of. Tomorrow, we will discuss how to refine our evaluation methods further, for even better results in the next long-term EU budget. We owe it to EU citizens.”

Participants at the conference will share best practices and discuss which technological tools can best support the evaluation of cohesion investments. In particular, the Commission will present its work on open data. Improving the way cohesion investments are evaluated is in line with the Commission’s objective of Better Regulation, which relies on evidence and a transparent process and involves citizens and stakeholders (for example, businesses, public administrations and researchers) throughout.


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