European Union supports #VenezuelanRefugees and host communities in countries most affected by the crisis

| September 12, 2019

The European Commission has mobilized an additional €10 million to support Venezuelan refugees and migrants by strengthening the capacities of national institutions, civil society organisations and host communities in the countries most affected by the crisis in Venezuela – namely Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Channelled through the EU’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace, this assistance will link immediate and concrete relief actions with rehabilitation and future development measures. Its approach will be three-fold: It will strengthen registration and identification capacities for migrants and refugees, fund measures to reduce tensions and the risk of violence with host communities, and address the vulnerability of women, girls and boys exposed to human trafficking, sexual and labour exploitation.

In her meeting with the President of Colombia Ivan Duque today (12 September) in Bogotá, High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini will discuss, amongst other topics, the challenges related to hosting refugees and migrants from Venezuela. Colombia hosts the largest number of displaced Venezuelans – nearly 1.5 million according to the latest estimates. In total, over four million Venezuelans have left the country in the past two years, following the deterioration of the socio-economic, political and security situation in Venezuela.


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