#MEPP – EU calls for a negotiated and viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

| January 30, 2020
The EU’s High Representative Josep Borrell responds to the US and Israel’s joint proposal for a Middle East Peace Process. The proposal has been widely criticized as it adopts all of Israel’s demands and no Palestinian demands. It also ignores several UN resolutions where settlements build in the occupied territory are considered to be illegal. The EU has always respected these resolutions, in statements, but has been ineffective at stopping Israel’s continued violations of international law. 

The statement:

“Today’s initiative by the United States provides an occasion to re-launch the urgently needed efforts towards a negotiated and viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”The European Union will study and assess the proposals put forward. This will be done on the basis of the EU’s established position and its firm and united commitment to a negotiated and viable two-state solution that takes into account the legitimate aspirations of both the Palestinians and the Israelis, respecting all relevant UN resolutions and internationally agreed parameters.

“The EU reaffirms its readiness to work towards the resumption of meaningful negotiations to resolve all permanent status issues and to achieve a just and lasting peace.

“It urges both sides to demonstrate, through policies and actions, a genuine commitment to the two-state solution as the only realistic way to end the conflict.”


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