For the first time ever, the ambassadors of Israel, of the United Arab Emirates and of the Kingdom of Bahrain sat together and engaged in a substantive, constructive and open debate, during a meeting on Thursday (24 September) of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Israel in Brussels, writes @YossiLempkowicz.

The meeting focused on the regional significance of the bilateral agreements of normalization of relations, signed between their respective countries on September 15 at the White House.

"I am proud to have convened and chaired this historic meeting," said MEP Antonio López-Istúriz White, the delegation president.

"The commitment for peace, stability and prosperity, clearly expressed in the agreements is an important step for developing genuine cooperation in the region," he added.


He reiterated the hope that these advancements "will contribute to a lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East, and a more active role for the European Union in the region".

López-Istúriz White, echoed the call of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell "to continue working on a negotiated and viable two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians that respects the internationally agreed parameters and international law".

"As a Delegation, we will build on the current efforts to foster dialogue and mutual understanding between our partners," he said.