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Serving up a treat – the 2024 winners of Brusselicious label




A number of restaurants in the Brussels-Capital Region can now proudly claim to be holders of the “Brusselicious” label. The label identifies Brussels restaurants that serve quality Belgian cuisine.

In all, some 30 establishments have been awarded the label this year. The restos are known for serving Belgian classic dishes like shrimp croquettes, vol-au-vent or Americain prepare.

People can recognise them by the Brusselicious logo displayed in or on their windows.

In addition to this recognition, one of them has been awarded the title of Brusselicious Restaurant of the Year.  

The Brusselicious label was launched seven years ago by visit.burssels with the aim to list a series of restaurants that exemplified Brussels, and by extension Belgian, cuisine. 

The name of the label is a reference to the 2012 Year of Gastronomy in Brussels.  


Now, the label is back in the spotlight. 

A visit-brussels spokesman said, “Belgian cuisine is a real asset for Brussels. Many visitors from home and abroad are on the lookout for an authentic Belgian experience in the capital, and that includes cuisine. It in response to this demand, the label has been relaunched.”

The latest shortlist of Brussels restaurants wasn’t decided overnight. 

A panel of food journalists carried out a meticulous selection process, with restaurants serving typical Belgian dishes being screened for the quality and authenticity of their dishes. The criteria taken into account included the quality, origin and freshness of the products, but also the cooking technique, the Belgian character of the establishment and the value for money.  

The jury drew up a list of around 30 restaurants throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. Today, these restaurants have been awarded the label and proudly display it in the windows of their establishments. 

“The 30 establishments selected guarantee people a high-quality, authentic Belgian gastronomic experience,” says the spokesman, adding, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise their profile and’ other channels.”

The list will be updated each year. 

Every year, the title of Brusselicious Restaurant of the Year is also awarded to the Brussels establishment that has best promoted Belgian cuisine at national and international level.

This year, the jury selected Les Brigittines, just opposite Chapel Church in Brussels. For years, chef Dirk Myny has succeeded in creating a personal and authentic interpretation of Belgian cuisine. 

He has, said the spokesman, made Les Brigittines a landmark of Belgian and Brussels gastronomy – notably with his famous ‘zennepot’ – by combining tradition and creativity in a warm and authentic setting.

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