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OIC recalls Arif Mammadov from post of ambassador to EU




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84554The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has confirmed the fact that Arif Mammadov (pictured) has been recalled from the post of OIC ambassador to the European Union by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said the letter of the OIC secretariat, sent to the embassy of Azerbaijan in Saudi Arabia in response to the note of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, the second secretary of the press service of the ministry Konul Suleymanli said on 15 June.

“The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in response to the note of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry about suspension of the activity of Mammadov as a permanent representative of the OIC to the EU, said that Mammadov no longer represents the organization to the EU in any capacity,” Suleymanli said with reference to the OIC secretariat.

Open letter from Ambassador Arif Mammadov
Dear Mr. President of the EP,
Members of the EP,
Dear friends, 
Please find enclosed my open letter to President Aliyev that I put on my Facebook page and published today in all Azerbaijani newspapers for your information

Open letter to the President of Azerbaijan.

Mr President,

The national provocateur and clown of Azerbaijan, Eynulla, having received another order from his masters, he has generously poured out on the pages of his well-paid miserable paper new dirty revelations and "deep thoughts" about the alleged conspiracy of Ambassadors against you. As I have informed you once in an earlier letter, that certain circles in the Presidential Administration intentionally create imaginary conspiracies by the West, the Council of Europe, the European Union and now the Ambassadors in order to justify their needless usefulness.

Provocation is the only thing these people are capable of. They hate the entire Azerbaijani nation, clever and talented people, since they see in them a threat to their worthlessness.


Mr President,

It is time to take bold decisions and get rid the country of this evil. These people are hated by the entire Azerbaijani nation. They harm your image and deliberately create a negative image of our country in the world. They are the cancer of the country. You know perfectly well who these people are. They attack the last best cadres of your team. Today they have chosen as a target the best diplomats of the country headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. They will not stop if you do not make urgent decisions. The people of Azerbaijan hope that you will make the right decisions.

Ambassador Arif Mammadov

Arif Mammadov
Permanent Observer Mission of the
Organization of Islamic Cooperation
To the European Union
26, Rue du Trône - 1000 Brussels/Belgium

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