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Cyprus faces a demographic time-bomb




By Andreas C Chrysafis

Do politicians make more harm than good? In most cases, undoubtedly the answer is a profound “yes”! This is an issue that certainly demands scrutiny but as long as political immunity exists, which prevents prosecution for bad political behaviour and bad decision-making policies that can harm the state or citizens the ineptness of political life will continue. The parliamentary process somewhat exonerates politicians from doing anything wrong; they become untouchable!

Under those terms, democracy nurtures unbridled corruption in public office, institutions and society at large. The influence of elected dictatorship and nepotism soon infiltrates all aspects of life in society!

If democracy breeds corruption, then meritocracy (advocated by Socrates, the Greek philosopher) can be the only way forward to excellence! One country that has failed to introduce the merit system (meritocracy) in the selection process is the Republic of Cyprus. 

Today, the island bears the scars of a nation dominatedby a self-serving politicocracy (Kommatokratia) where the ugliness of corruption has touched every nook and cranny in the country. After 64 years of “freedom” from British colonial rule, the nation continues to face serious problems overwhelmed by institutional incompetenceand a mediocre leadership that has ultimately established a nation of silence that has lost the voice of reason to speak out against injustice or corruption! 

If it were not for one man, Mr Odysseas Michaelides—the maverick Auditor General—to expose serious corruption cases, squandering and nepotism, those practices would continue to grow teeth today without a hindrance. Yet, the government has decided to initiate a witch-hunt and—under instructions— the Attorney General has issued court proceedings against the AG for “inappropriate behaviour”. This is an attempt to remove him from office because he refuses to “turn a blind eye” to unsavoury institutional practices! The court case promises to be the Mother of all Court Cases; Transparency V Corruption! 

However, there are more sinister developments facing the island other than such petty party-political shenanigans; they are real problems that threaten to destabilize and destroy the ancient Hellenic Cypriot identity! Those fears are more real today than ever beforebecause of EU disappointment where nothing is what it seems… and, nothing remains as it used to be and never will be ever again for Cyprus!


EU failure in Cyprus

One of the most sinister problems facing the small island is the demographic transformation that’s taking place throughout the land and under the very noses of the EU. This phenomenon is the direct result of Cyprus’s obedience to a horde of EU directives that slowly eataway the basic fabric of the nation. As a small country—with less than 800.000 Greek inhabitants—it would take a miracle to escape the demographic onslaught now in progress. If not averted, it is only a matter of time before the ethnic transformation of Cyprus becomes a serious issue and yet, the EU remains impassive at the ever-rising numbers of Syrian and African migrants from Lebanon and Turkey!

To the dismay of locals, there are over 120.000 “asylum seekers” wandering across the island or being kept in camps including housing complexes paid by the taxpayer. The transient sight of young men pondering about it has become a common sight and citizens are now witnessing ghettoized zones in their own towns. For a small island, those migrant figures make up 10% of the population, which indicate that a demographic time bomb is about to explode! Never in the history of Cyprus has such a threatening phenomenon to its Hellenic identity has ever been encountered before; where citizens no longer feel safe walking in the streets and in their own neighbourhood!

Meanwhile, a new entry route has been discovered by the illegals using the buffer zone from the north and into the Republic! Migrants have recognized the UN dead zone as a safe place and upon arrival there; they set up makeshift camps! Lucky for them, once the group is detected by the UN Peacekeeping Forces—responsible for protecting the zone—they put up proper tents for them and provide provisions rather than returning them back to the Turkish occupied area. At the same time, the UN/EU resort to blackmailing tactics against the government to accept the migrants on humanitarian grounds stating that: “asylum seekers must be given unhindered access to asylum procedures as provided under national, European and international law and Cyprus cannot deny access to asylum seekers trapped in the UN-controlled buffer zone”.

Fearful that a new flow of migrants may soon start using the long and stretched out dead zone into the Republic, the government refused to help those migrants loitering in the UN-protection zone! At the threat of a €20.000 fine imposed by Brussels per “refugee”, the government took a stand against UN/EU policy and refuse to offer any assistance—for the first time ever!

The Syrian Connection

The Syrian Muslim Connection poses the greatest demographic threat for the island! There are over 2million Syrian refugees living in poor conditions (UNHCR) in Lebanon desperate to get out and smugglers are doing a thriving business charging over €3.000 per person to smuggle them to the nearest EU land of milk and honey—in this case—the Republic of Cyprus! In fact smugglers and gangs set up shops in Lebanon promoting Cyprus as the perfect country to askfor asylum. Those that secure illegal passage to the island are mostly young men of fighting age and boys—which triggers speculations— as to how and who finances them; a few women and often unaccompanied children. The current situation and migrant problem is becoming a nightmare for the authorities and blame falls upon the EU for not having a policy in place to protect its EU borders!

Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s terrorist religious leader, Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon has publicly made threats by naming Cyprus as a military target for its support ofIsrael on the use of its airports and bases for military exercises. This is a serious development dragging Cyprus—for the first time—into uncharted waters and the timing of his threats certainly fall in line with Erdogan’s calculating plans for the island. At the same time, the terrorist leader is urging Lebanon to “open all sea routes” to everyone wishing to leave Lebanon for Cyprus! It appears that the Syrian connection is a well-orchestrated move by Islamic fundamentalist organisation Hezbollah in support of Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Islamization plans with bogus claims that “Cyprus is a Turkish island” — repeat those lies long enough and Muslims soon believe them to be the truth! In response to the latest developments the EU made a public statement that: “an attack on Cyprus is an attack on the EU and they will act accordingly”! That’s hypocrisy par excellence in a grand scale coming from such a paper lion institution; Turkey today occupies 40% of EU-Cyprus and has done nothing! It will continue to do nothing as long as Turkey offers a vast market for the EU military industry and consumer market!

If the Islamic demographic threat does not come to an end soon, the Hellenic Cypriot nation would crumbleinto a malaise of a number of Muslim religious sects with no chance of reversing the turn of events. When Cyprus foolishly abandoned the right to govern the country for EU membership, it also entrapped itself into a dark warren of political manipulation and social uncertainty.

New realities

After 50 years of Turkish occupation and failed “negotiations to reunite the island, Cyprus remains trapped in a black hole and far from resolving its political and social conundrums. In the lapse of time—being ofthe essence—years of impasses have actually worked against the Republic but generated new problems. Today, Cyprus finds itself in a precarious and a most dangerous situation; how to deal with Sultan Erdogan’s cunning Neo-Ottomanism ambitions for the island! His expansionist aspirations are aimed to alter the Hellenic fabric of the nation by flooding the island with over one million Muslim settlers but Hezbollah’s recent threatsequally propels the Cyprus issue into new dimensions.

EU’s narrow-minded migration policies have in fact provided Sultan-Erdogan with a perfect opportunity forthe Islamization of the island; an island that he calls Turkish. Premeditated or not, the flow of thousands of young Muslim “pseudo-refugees” could be the nail in the coffin for Cyprus that’s obliged by EU law to acceptthousands of asylum seekers and their offspring!

President Chrystodoulides and his government on the other hand, are obsessed on presenting an image that Greek Cypriots are loyal “Good Europeans” and consider themselves lucky being a part of EU “Motherland”. Years ago, the concept of a Common Market was a welcomed initiative but unfortunately it was based on lies, unsavoury propaganda, false promises and far from transparency. Citizens certainly have not given their approval for its transmutation into a“European Union” and one that operates without accountability and without their saying. In fact, the forefathers of the ever-changing chameleon-like institution were introduced by deception of giant proportions. Jean Monet (considered the patron-saint of the EU) including Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand and others, colluded and designed the toothless EU Parliament with one aim in mind; to “democratise” decisions taken behind closed doors by a non-democratic and unelected Commission; a Commission so reminiscent of Kafka’s era; obsessed by secrecy and subservience to the Mighty State!

Cyprus’s twenty-year membership, confirms that the EU—including the UN—have both failed to fulfil theirdeclarations to Greek Cypriots: the removal of the Turkish occupying forces; reunification of the island and the return of 200,000 Greek refugees back to their homes!

Maybe the time has come for Cyprus to re-consider theEU experiment and make a well-planned EXIT (CYPREXIT) from the current EU Political and Economic Integration but remain a EU member-state and extent its social and commercial links as a Free Trading Partner with free movement of people, goods and services like Switzerland does. This means Cyprus wouldbe sharing the wealth and diversities that are on offer from those nations while maintain its sovereignty and currency intact. Meanwhile, the demographic time bomb is ticking in readiness to cause havoc on the island!

The Constantinople Greek ethnocide and tragedy offers a prime example on how easy it is to destroy one’s ethnic identity: Once a vibrant Greek megalopolis with over 300,000 Hellenes in 1922 today, there are less than 2,000 persons living in a city overwhelmed by a population of nearly 20 million Muslim Turks.

Andreas C Chrysafis was born of Greek parents in Cyprus and holds Cypriot, British and Canadian citizenship. He lived most of his life in the UK and Canada and Cyprus. He’s a published author of five books and a recognized artist while his thought-provoking articles (over 450) continue to be read globally. He is not political affiliated but a strong advocate of Rule of Law, Democracy, Transparency, Equality and Human Rights but also a robust opponent to Corruption.


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