‘Georgieva can do more’

4747147a07cb10ae9f1733b640fc9622The European Socialists and Democrats expressed mixed feelings after the 2 October parliamentary hearing for Kristalina Georgieva, commissioner-designate for budget and human resources.

S&D spokesperson on budget, Eider Gardiazábal Rubial, said: “Ms Georgieva confirmed she is a solid and competent candidate, but we were expecting more from a commissioner-designate with her expertise and profile.

“We will challenge her to provide concrete proposals to tackle the payments crisis, the post-electoral revision of the MFF (multiannual financial framework), as well as the link with the €300 billion jobs, growth and investment package promised by Commission President-elect Juncker.

“The budget is key to realising the EU’s ambitions. We want the next commissioner to have a bold vision on this and to make sure that the funds for running programmes are delivered in a timely and efficient way.”

S&D spokesperson on budgetary control Inés Ayala Sender MEP said: “We took note of Ms Georgieva’s commitment to a new and stronger performance culture and sound spending in order to contribute to growth, jobs and fairness, and thereby improve cohesion and reach the goals of the EU 2020 strategy.

“Moreover, we welcome her stance on transparency as the best way to protect taxpayers’ money from abuse. However the words need to be turned into real actions.”

S&D spokesperson on legal affairs Evelyn Regner MEP said: We also urge the Commission to introduce a mandatory transparency register for lobbying. Lobbyists need to make public the interests they represent.”


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