PM office rejects BBC report on November #Brexit timetable

| November 8, 2018

Britain wants a Brexit agreement by the end of November and Prime Minister Theresa May would give a speech on 19 November saying she had delivered on the referendum with a deal which brings the country back together, the BBC reported on Tuesday (6 November), writes Costas Pitas.

“The misspelling and childish language in this document should be enough to make clear it doesn’t represent the government’s thinking. You would expect the government to have plans for all situations — to be clear, this isn’t one of them.”

The BBC cited the document as saying Brexit Minister Dominic Raab (pictured, behind Michel Barnier) will also put to parliament by way of a statement the Withdrawal Agreement and Future Framework on Nov. 19.

Parliament would vote on 27 November, according to the document.


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