EU steps up its assistance for reconstruction of #Iraq

| November 29, 2018

The European Commission has adopted a €56.5 million package to promote sustainable job creation in Iraq and strengthen support to refugees, internally displaced populations and their host communities in Iraq. This measure is part of €400m pledged by the EU at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference held in Kuwait in February 2018.

International Co-operation and Development Commissioner Neven Mimica said: “The EU is delivering on its commitments made last February at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in Kuwait. This new support will create opportunities and jobs, helping some of the most vulnerable communities to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.”

Iraq is facing enormous challenges to rebuild the areas affected by the conflict and assist people in need. The purpose of the programme adopted today is to contribute to the development of the urban areas of Mosul and Basra, and of the rural areas of Nineveh governorate. This will help returning displaced populations, vulnerable youth and women find income opportunities and obtain services to respond to their essential needs. The assistance will also be used to promote youth entrepreneurship notably via start-up services.

The full press release is available here.


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