A Europe that protects: Good progress on tackling #HybridThreats

| May 31, 2019

The European Union and member states have made good progress in tackling hybrid threats through a number of concerted actions in a wide range of sectors to significantly boost capacities, shows the latest report adopted by the Commission and the European External Action Service.

The 22 measures identified under the 2016 Joint Framework on Countering Hybrid Threats and the 2018 Joint Communication on increasing resilience and bolstering capabilities to address hybrid threats range from improving exchange of information and strengthening protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, to building resilience in our societies against radicalization and extremism.

Member states have received support through the framework, and the EU’s response to hybrid threats has been successfully tested, including in a parallel and coordinated way with NATO in a number of exercises. The report outlines detailed progress on a large number of areas, which include; Strengthening strategic communications to tackle disinformation, Cybersecurity and cyber defence, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear related risk and Protection of critical infrastructure.

The report and the full press release are available online. 


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