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Sergey Bulba: “People’s resistance in Belarus only starts”




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Last month's protests in Belarus resulted in falsification of the election result. Lukashenko announced his own victory and hundreds of thousands of Belarusians went to protest actions to say about their disagreement with elections outcome. As a result of protests and mass strikes thousands of citizens ended up in jails of Lukashenko’s regime. Thousands of people suffered from systemic humiliations by the repressive apparatus. Dozens of people are missing.

We asked one of resistance figures to tell us about situations in Belarus.

Sergey Bulba was one of those who warned Belarusians in 1994 about perspectives of Lukashenko’s political power increase. Now Sergey is in a forced political emigration. Belarusian dictator’s regime ordered to own intelligent services to start hunt on Sergey years ago...


- Sergey, You are one of the few people who pointed out the possibility of establishing a dictatorship, before Alexander Lukashenko came to power...

- It was not difficult to foresee that Lukashenko would turn into a dictator. After all, Alexander Lukashenko, was a political instructor in prison. Raised by a real commissar, Lukashenko knew how to cynically and deceitfully manipulate the opinion of ordinary people, not to be afraid to shed blood. But after the collapse of the USSR, the Belarusian elites and society were not ready to build an Independent Belarusian State. Having changed the flag, and having made the first steps in cultural sensibilities the new government was not ready to offer the Belarusians an integral concept of the New State development. Then economic and political crisis began and this factor helped Lukashenko to become a leader with the support of the KGB (primarily the Russian part of the KGB, which relied on Lukashenko as a person who would restore the USSR.)

- Sergey, then in the 90s, you massively took people to protest actions. Why wasn’t it possible to remove the dictator Lukashenko from power?


- At that time, many Belarusian political parties, formed from the remnants of the Soviet Komsomol, sincerely believed that it was enough to bring a large crowd to the streets and Lukashenko would run away himself. The stake was not placed on systemic resistance and the formation of the New State model. Small political parties and social movements were pitted against each other by the KGB, and paid more attention to internal competition than to combat the emerging system of Lukashenko's dictatorship. Those who behaved differently - were either exterminated, or, as in my case, were taken to the forest - beaten to such an extent that I survived clinical death from blood loss, and left to die there. But I survived.

- Has the situation in Belarus changed after your forced departure for political emigration?

- We will never stop working until the majority of Belarusian people will understand that it is impossible to live in an anachronistic social model of society... When the whole world is on its way of developing. After the spread of access to the Internet, it became much easier for all of us who worked to eliminate the totalitarian system in Belarus to convey our opinions to conscious citizens... If you pay attention, exactly youth who know how to use modern information technologies represent the basis of the new protest movement. It is the "new generation" that rebelled against the prospect of living the rest of their lives in the old "Lukashenko's concentration camp" ...

- Did Belarusian youth support new political leaders?

- I would not say so ... It would be more correct to say that the Belarusian people took advantage of those who wanted to become: “the new political leaders”. The desire for Freedom and life in a normal democratic, European society was awakened after Lukashenko tried to make it appear that elections were democratic. The Belarusian people voted: not "for Tikhanovskaya", but voted "against Lukashenko." Against the system of deception that inevitably leads the country into an economic and political abyss ...

- In your opinion, what is the role of Moscow in the processes now taking place in Belarus?

- Undoubtedly, the Kremlin is interested in a more manageable leader in Belarus. After all, the "Belarusian dictator" is unambiguously deceiving the Russian rulers in their striving for further common integration. Moscow is no longer interested in Lukashenko, and is striving to create a number of political projects that will guarantee full control of Belarus by Russia ...

- Don't the people of Belarus see that further flirting with the pro-Moscow forces will lead Belarus to the fate of Syria?

- The informational, economic, political influence of various groups from Moscow is very strong in Belarus. But more than 75% of Belarusians see the future of their country in development apart from the system of Russian totalitarianism. Russia has nothing to offer Belarus except: corruption, crimes, violence and oligarchy ...

Our people: able to provide quite tough resistance to attacks of Independence. If Russia continues to implement the “Syrian scenario” in Belarus, then the Belarusian partisans will be able to repeat the exploits of the “Grand Duchy of Lithuania” ... (laughs) ...

- How is Belarus able to resist Moscow's aggression without having enough strength?

- The strength of the People is not in arming, but in the determination to defend their own Will! The experience of Ukraine shows that one can effectively resist without even having sufficient resources ...

In the army and law enforcement agencies of Belarus enough smart and decent officers who saw how Russia acted with the officers who betrayed "independent Ukraine". Those officers who will betray Belarus in the interests of Russia will face the fate of all traitors: Moscow has always brought down those who served it!

The history of Crimea, Donbass, and now Armenia also shows that it is impossible to cooperate with Moscow. The Belarusian people have enough strength and understanding to provide a worthy rebuff to the Russian aggression!

- Sergei, is it true that Russia has already sent aid to Belarus to protect Lukashenko's regime?

- If you look closely at the video shooting of protests in Belarus, you can pay attention to the “people in black”. Some of them are dressed in black uniforms without identification marks, these are the "assistants" brought from Russia to Belarus. Exactly these “people in black” are making the most harsh harassment of the Belarusian civil protest …

In fact: Russian armed hybrid aggression against Belarus has already begun! Having received tacit approval from Lukashenko, Moscow introduced several thousands, as they like to say: "they are not there." Russian special forces, dressed in "black uniforms", beat civilians, abused and detained political Protestants, rape women and kidnap resistance leaders ...

The world community does not want to see - it is obvious that the harassment of people in Belarus is not even political repression of Lukashenko, but a typical hybrid aggression of Russia !!!

- Do you think the Belarusians will surrender to open violence and stop resisting ???

- I believe that the real Belarusian Resistance is just beginning! “Women with flowers” will be replaced by men. Officers, for whom the word "Honour" is real, will join. The youth of Belarus is capable of Actions ...

A truly free people are born only in an irreconcilable struggle!

- How do you see Belarus: “after Lukashenko”?

- The task of the political movement in Belarus today is the coordinated development of a new model of the state, a new model of the economy, training of future civil servants-managers who will be capable of carrying out economic and political reforms in a short time. Lukashenko - representative of the Soviet information space - and, we, - are bringing new, sometimes revolutionary approaches to both the economy and the social sphere - a new electoral system, a new territorial-administrative division. Etc

The life experience of thousands of Belarusians, who for decades did not stop resisting the dictatorship of Lukashenko, is capable to become a “core for the New Power”, which will prevent the establishment of a puppet anti-democratic pro-Moscow government in Belarus.

Sergey Bulba, Belarusian public figure, active participant in a number of democratic and patriotic organizations.


Proton therapy centres and cost



Oncology specialists have high hopes for proton therapy. The study of this therapy is still ongoing, but proton beam therapy is already widely used in the treatment of specific localized cancers: brain, lung, prostate, etc. Because of its safety for healthy tissues, proton therapy is considered one of the optimal types of radiation therapy in pediatric oncology.

What’s innovative about proton therapy?

The next step in the development of cancer care is hadron (proton and ion) therapy. The main difference that this type of radiation has brought to the fight against cancer is the targeted effect on the tumor while sparing healthy cells. Proton beam therapy allows surgeons to destroy diseased tissues at great depths. Accelerated protons or ions attack the cancer cells precisely. The surgeon adjusts the equipment so that the radiation zone coincides with the boundaries of the tumor and does not affect healthy tissues. The beams of protons attack the DNA of the cancer cells and kill them.


Thus, proton therapy can cure cancer in areas close to critical radio-sensitive organs, as well as irradiate pathologies of extremely small size. Another important advantage of the new technology is a significant reduction of the duration of irradiation course and, consequently, of the recovery period. For example, the course of proton therapy consists of 1-10 sessions compared to 30 sessions of conventional radiation therapy. In addition, the treatment with protons is associated with a much lower risk of disease recurrence and complications development. Statistically, the effectiveness of proton therapy is 80-90%, which is a very good indicator. Also, proton therapy is in some cases more effective than radiation therapy in terms of irradiating radioresistant tumors.

Advantages of proton therapy

The advantages of proton therapy include the following:

  • In proton therapy, only the tumor is targeted, so that outstanding treatment results can be expected
  • By targeting the tumor precisely, side effects can be reduced
  • Safety and tolerability allow treatment of the elderly and weakened people
  • Reduced risk of secondary cancer in children and young adults after proton therapy
  • It allows patients with contraindications to surgery to undergo treatment
  • Generally, it does not require hospitalization and allows for daily treatment on an outpatient basis
  • It allows patients to maintain a high quality of life

The cost of treatment in proton therapy centers

The proton therapy centers are the real breakthrough in cancer treatment because proton beam therapy is the most gentle option of cancer care with minimal side effects.

This type of therapy is especially suitable when children with brain, neck, spine and other tumors are being treated. In the period of active growth, the negative impact that any serious treatment can have on the body must be minimal. Proton therapy centers provide exactly this level of safety for a child's health.

The cost of a full course of radiation therapy depends on the country, the hospital, the number of sessions of treatment, so it is calculated individually for each patient. With that said, the cost of proton therapy for brain tumors starts at 45,000 EUR, the cost of proton therapy for pancreatic cancer starts at 44,475 EUR, and the cost of proton therapy for breast cancer starts at 44,526 EUR.

If you would like to know more about proton therapy centers and the cost of treatment with proton therapy, please contact Booking Health since the cost of the medical program may vary depending on the disease, indications, number of sessions, and other individual peculiarities.

Treatment abroad during a lockdown with Booking Health

People with chronic illnesses and oncology have been affected by the worldwide lockdown because some of them are not able to go abroad for treatment due to restrictions. Besides, treatment organization itself is a quite complicated process, specifically when all the current limitations are present.

Booking Health helps patients go through this difficult process by providing the services of issuing the medical visa, offering the interpreter for the whole duration of treatment, dealing with the paperwork and all possible issues that may potentially arise.

If you want to receive more information about the proton therapy centres and the cost of treatment with proton therapy, please fill out the request form on the Booking Health website.

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Digital marketing: How can it take your business to the heights



Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is every form of marketing on an electronic device. There is a slight difference between digital and online marketing. Online marketing means marketing online using electronic gadgets, making online marketing a branch of digital marketing.

The Ultimate Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process that involves capturing the attention of your audience, engaging them, building trust, and analyzing data to remain sustainable. All of which will benefit your business by making profits and gaining popularity— you can achieve all of this using electronic devices both online and offline.

Digital marketing involves using strategies and tactics on different channels such as social media, search engines, email, ads, and many other channels. You will also learn about outreach link building services and other tactics in this article.


Why do you need digital marketing?

Imagine this: Jane is a cook; she sells food offline to only those in the area she lives. Because she sells food, she cannot offer delivery service to any other state. What will happen to Jane's business if she wishes to sell to 100 people, but only 50 people show up to her offline shop? She would experience serial losses if that kept happening. It would be a game-changer for Jane if people within the area or city could find Jane online using location marketing or social media, or even a website. Digital marketing is essential because it gives you all the visibility you need to grow your business when it is done right.

4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Strategy #1: Link Building

Link Building is highly essential in your journey to building a successful business online. Link Building plays a vital role in your content visibility; if you wrote an article and showed ten people and they loved it, wouldn't it be great if you could grab every opportunity that could make millions of people see your blogpost? The more authority sites link to articles or content on your site, the higher you rank. There are different ways to build links to your site, and they are:

  • Outreach involves reaching out to other authorities in your niche to get them to click your article link or include the link to your article on their website so you earn backlinks. To make it easy for you, you can hire outreach link-building services to help you with it.
  • Linking to others article: Ever heard 'you rise by lifting others'? By including resourceful links to other articles related to your topic, the other bloggers and higher authorities would naturally find your article and repost your writing.
  • The broken link strategy involves finding links that are no longer working on other related sites and suggest replacing the link with a functioning link to an article on your site.

Strategy #2: Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you are striving to pull an audience on social media or a search engine, you must optimize your content to give you visibility. It is essential to rank high in today's world because only a few people would scroll down trying to get more insights into what they are looking for. As simple as it sounds, SEO/SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is not all about jumbling keywords into an article and thinking you will rank high. Optimizing your article for search includes but is not limited to the following:

  • You should take advantage of captivating headlines.
  • The article must be helpful to the extent that other blogs include your article links on their site. The more links you get, the more visibility you get.
  • Including external links to other content-related sites.

Strategy #3: Content Marketing

What is marketing without content? Using content in your marketing is a strategic approach towards building a successful business. Content is the heart of your marketing because it is necessary for building trust and sustainable relationships with your audience. Great content must have at least five of the following qualities: unique, valuable, unambiguous, relatable, captivating, engaging, relatable, relevant, and evergreen. Content also comes in different forms; you have to learn which format suits your customer's needs at each buyer journey. The three stages of the customer buyer's journey with their related content are:

  • Awareness stage: Blog Post, social media post, whitepaper, checklist, how-to-video, kit or tool, ebook, and educational webinar
  • Consideration stage: Product comparison guide, case study, and free Sample
  • Decision stage: Free trial, live demo, consultation offer, and coupon.

Strategy #4: Social media marketing

More than 2 billion people around the world use social media across all platforms. Social media marketing done right is of great benefit to your business. Examples of popular social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

  • The first step is to choose the social media platform your audience frequently uses, don't use Instagram because someone else uses it; use it because your audience loves using it.
  • The second step is to create a content strategy that works best for the platform.
  • The third step is to execute and act on your plan.

You should always keep in mind that you can only make it on social media by being social.


Have you tried any of these strategies, and which have worked for you? What areas do you think you need to improve in? Share your thoughts with us.

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Your 2021 guide to Ripple trading



The Ripple coin denoted by the ticker (XRP) is one of the most resilient crypto coins. The history of the coin dates back to 2012 when it was first released. Today, the coin has joined the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

As a cryptocurrency investor, you want to find out if trading the Ripple coin (XRP) is still feasible in 2021, considering some of the negativities surrounding the coin.

XRP Fast Facts

First, let us talk about some of the important things you need to know about the Ripple coin (XRP).


The coin was released in 2012 with a maximum supply of 100 billion units. This might be one of the largest cryptocurrency issuances.

Second, XRP is one of the crypto assets designed to disrupt the traditional financial system. At a glance, the coin has one of the best cross-border remittance networks designed to make global transactions faster and cheaper. This tends to give the likes of PayPal and other global payment processors a run for their money.

Third and most important, the Ripple coin (XRP) has come under scrutiny in the last couple of months, thanks to the lawsuit filed against it by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The lawsuit alleges that the XRP coin and its payment networks are not registered as securities.


As it stands, the outcome of the lawsuit will solidify the belief of the XRP community on the prospects of the coin and the underlying global lightning payment network.

How to Trade Ripple Safely in 2021

Despite the lawsuit and a host of other negativities surrounding XRP, it hasn’t deterred the belief of most of the investors. Although XRP has dropped from the third position to the seventh, hopes are still high that it will make a rebound.

If you want to trade the Ripple coin (XRP), now is the best time to do so. Here are some of the tips to help trade XRP safely:

1.  Find out Where Ripple is Listed

The Ripple coin (XRP) may have been in circulation since 2012, but it is not readily available on all the exchanges.

Also, the recent lawsuit filed against it by the U.S. SEC led to the delisting of the coin from some exchanges.

Thus, your first action is to find out some of the exchanges that offer the XRP coin for trading activities.

2. Sign up on the Exchange

Step #2 is to sign up for an account on the exchange. Ensure that you have done a couple of researches about the workings of the exchange. Familiarise yourself with how the exchange works, as well as the security architecture in place to protect your funds.

You may also be prompted to verify your identity by uploading some important documents, linking your bank/credit card, and initiating a facial verification.

3. Develop a Profitable Trading Plan

Your primary aim for trading the Ripple coin (XRP) is to make profits. This requires a carefully analyzed trading plan that helps you make profitable trading decisions.

4. Place Your Order

Now, go ahead and place your first order for the XRP coin. Wait for the order to fill then allow it to run for some time.

5. Take Profits Every Step of the Way

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile – and trading Ripple (XRP) at this time is very dicey. For this reason, always take profits so you wouldn’t be surprised when the market fluctuates and you lose both the profit and capital.

Other XRP Trading Strategies Worth Considering

These are some of the additional ways to trade the Ripple coin (XRP) and make profits in 2021:

1. Trade XRP Against the Dollar

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, one of the strategies is to hedge your crypto-assets against the dollar. The dollar is usually represented by the Tether USD (USDT), a stablecoin.

When trading the XRP, consider trading it against the USDT. This way, you wouldn’t be overly affected by the movement in the market.

Besides, trading your XRP against the BTC or other altcoins pairs might be risky, because a decline in the prices of those crypto-assets could trigger more losses for you.

2. Trade XRP CFDs

Another guide to trading the Ripple coin (XRP) is to trade the XRP Contracts for Differences (CFDs). This is ideal for traders who don’t want to own the coin, but merely want to speculate on it.

The concept of CFDs simply requires traders to speculate on or predict the next price action of the XRP coin. It could either be a prediction for an upward movement or a downward movement.

If you want to predict an upward movement, you will "Long" the XRP coin. You can also "Short" the XRP coin if you think the current value will depreciate more.

3. Master the Technical Aspects of Trading XRP

Both Fundamental Analysis (F.A.) and Technical Analysis (T.A.) help traders to take positions that will help them make their profits from trading the Ripple coin (XRP).

Also, learn how to read the chart patterns, monitor price movements, and study the historical price data of the coin.

Conclusion: Trade Ripple (XRP) in 2021

The Ripple coin (XRP) is, no doubt, in a pretty tough place, but this doesn’t stop the hype and enthusiasm surrounding the coin. You can find out more about this on CoinList.

Always remember to be non-sentimental when trading the coin. Combine your mastery of effective trading strategies and risk management to balance your XRP portfolio and make profits from the coin.

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