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4 Of the Best Places in the World to Study




Most of us spend only a few years of our lives in college or university, and what better time to get out of our comfort zones and explore the world a little before settling down?

If you want to truly make the most of your college experience, you might want to consider studying abroad, which has many benefits for young people starting their lives. The big question is where will you go? Here are five of your best options for studying abroad and experiencing somewhere new.


Thousands of students flock to the UK each and every year for their education, and for a good reason! By looking at a list of UK universities, you’ll quickly see that England boasts some of the top schools in the world and offer a very high quality, globally recognised education.

Here, you’ll have endless options for courses and a rich and diverse history and culture to explore. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the UK and Europe will be right at your fingertips to travel and explore to your heart’s content – the perfect circumstances for a curious international student.


Another great option for studying abroad is France. International students report a great multicultural study experience with a great academic foundation as well as an exciting and stimulating environment to explore outside of school hours and activities.


Once again, the close proximity to other European countries makes for a rich travel experience in college, and students will be able to immerse themselves in culture, history and even a great nightlife in the moments they’re not focusing on their studies. Students have reported feeling safe and welcome when studying in Paris and enthused that there is never a dull moment.


For the literary academic, Ireland might be your best and most exciting option. Home to literary giants like Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, Ireland holds a rich literary history but is a great study abroad option for students interested in just about any field.

The country is safe, friendly and full of fun alongside its beautiful historical buildings and outdoor adventures. With so much to see, do and experience, you might find trouble focusing on your academics, but regardless of where you go and how you spend your time, Irish folk experience a great quality of life.


As the second biggest country in the world, Canada becomes a rather broad option when considering where to study. However, the beauty of the place lies in just this – it’s so vast that there truly is something for everyone.

If you love big city life, Toronto is your best bet, and if you’re looking to explore stunning natural landscapes,  you could investigate a school in British Columbia. No matter where you go though, you’ll have some of the best universities in the world at your doorstep and plenty to learn and experience when you’re not in class.

Final Thoughts

Your decision on where to study abroad is completely personal and will depend on your own budget, interests and where you’re offered a place to enrol for classes. Do some research and be prepared for the journey of a lifetime!

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