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Summer’s Wine Forecast: trends to try




With the warm breeze of summer that is approaching, wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers are already starting to prepare themselves to embrace the season with a refreshing glass of their favorite kind of beverage. Now more than ever people are getting passionate about the exciting varieties of wine, catching all the trends in the related fields to elevate their tasting experience, either while having a meal or to casually have a drink after work. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, discovering the latest novelties in the wine culture becomes, simply, irresistible.

The hottest global trends of wine tasting: everything you must know about summer wines

It is important to underline that winemaking and tasting became a beloved passion for many in the latest year, becoming much more than a hobby, being perceived as a real lifestyle choice.

In the vibrant landscape of wine culture, Italian beverages keep affirming themselves as real stand out, garnering high praise from both experts and simple enthusiasts. It is safe to say that Italian still and sparkling wines bring with themselves a rich history, not just made out of different grape varieties and meticulous craftmanship, becoming a real staple and a witness of secular cultures.

According to a study conducted by IWSR, growth is also continuing for low alcohol wines, i.e. wines with less than 12% alcohol, a trend that has established itself in recent years and is expected to explode in summer: these wines are the perfect choice for dealing with the summer heat and outdoor dining.

In addition, climate challenges have also impacted wine production and consumption, with more and more land being converted to organic cultivation and high consumer preferences for organic, biodynamic or vegan wines: two-thirds of regular wine drinkers in the largest markets consider sustainability important and 70% of regular wine drinkers in the US and 94% in China consider it a priority.

In order to explore trendy wines this summer, we highly suggest sourcing your selections from reliable vendors. Either if we are talking about online stores or local wine shops, reliability ensures an authentic experience thanks to high-quality products. Reputable sources do not limit themselves to guaranteeing the provenance of the wine, but also provide expert recommendations to help you make informed choices. For these reasons, we kindly suggest you to check Svinando’s wide proposal of wines: an online store that provides users with a wide variety of high-quality wines, in order to satisfy every kind of need and tasting experience. In the next paragraphs, instead, we are going to explore the latest trends about summer wines.


Wine Trends to try this summer: exploring new refreshing sparkling wines

With the arrival of summer, wine tasting enthusiast are delighted with a wave of trend that highlight crisp, refreshing and romantic flavors, perfect to sip in the warmest days. Among the most appreciated varieties of wine to taste in summer, we cannot avoid to mention Franciacorta and Cava as real staples of sparkling varieties of this beloved beverage. Franciacorta, to start, hails from the Lombardy region of Italy. This peculiar kind of wine is often compared to champagne due to the similarities in taste and in the production process. Franciacorta is characterized by its fine bubbles and complex flavor profile, including notes of citrus, green apple and toasted almond. This wine is an elegant choice to enrich a seafood meal or to pair with fancy appetizers. For those who want to experiment with alternative Italian bubbles, Ribolla Gialla from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, with its freshness and fragrant notes, it's definitely worth a try.

Not only Italian or French choices. This summer, one of the most appreciated sparkling wines will come directly from the Catalonia region, in Spain. We are talking about the highly appreciated Cava that, with its nuanced notes of nuts and the traditional method of aging, provides an exclusive tasting experience, especially when paired with tapas, grilled vegetables and seafood.

Rosés, red and white wines to enrich your summers

The International Wine Challenge 2024 saw France, Italy and Spain take the top spots in the competition, followed by Portugal. Looking at the wines that won medals confirms the quality and consumer interest in wines from emerging wine regions such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Among the other most appreciated varieties of wine that will trend this summer between enthusiasts and experts, we can find rosé varieties from Provence and Italy. These wines offer a perfect balance between the structure of red wine and the lightness of the white ones, being produced in a particular way that allows the grape skin to remain in contact with the skin, providing the peculiar pinkish color. Furthermore, among the trendiest white and red wines from the New World Wine Regions are particularly popular grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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