#ECF joins #WorldBicycleDay celebrations!

We know you’re just as excited about the second edition of World Bicycle Day as we are. Last year hundreds of thousands of bicycle lovers around the world participated in local events and activities both online and offline. That’s why this year we’re going bigger, braver and further.

The World Cycling Alliance has prepared a 360-degree campaign focused around the simple joy of riding a bike. This year, World Bicycle Day is all about going back to what makes people love cycling in the first place. We are inviting people to enjoy the world from the seats of their bicycles and share their personal experiences of joy. Follow this link or click here to download a comprehensive toolkit for free, including posters, social media headers and activation ideas around World Bicycle Day, just to name a few.

“Our main mission is to promote cycling as a mode of transport for the benefit of people worldwide and the bicycle as a unifying, global symbol that is accessible to all” says Raluca Fiser, President of the World Cycling Alliance.

Here’s where we need your help. In order to get this campaign on track and make sure everyone around the world will interact with the same key message, we need you to pick and choose which ideas match your local audience. Our members and networks are crucial to the success of this day, so we would very much appreciate having you on board.

The World Cycling Alliance started as an ECF initiative to build a global network of non-governmental organizations with a substantial interest in promoting cycling. The WCA was successfully launched as an independent international non-profit association in January 2019, with ECF as one of the founding members. ECF and WCA have campaigned for a UN designated World Bicycle Day since 2016; find out more about this here.

WCA website

WCA Twitter: @WCA_cycling
WCA Instagram: @worldcyclingalliance
WCA Facebook: @WorldCyclingAlliance


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