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European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)

European Citizens' Initiative - Commission decides to register an initiative on football and sport in Europe




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The Commission has decided to register a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) entitled 'Win It On The Pitch'. The organizers of this initiative call on the Commission to protect a European sporting model “based on values, solidarity, sustainability and open competitions”. They ask it to adopt a recommendation which will provide a framework and guidelines to guide the action of the member states with a view to "protecting the model of football in Europe, recognizing the social value of sport in European society and the particular aspect of sport in EU competition rules and to strengthen the EU's long-term vision and policy for the future and governance of European sport". As the application for registration of the ECI fulfills the formal conditions established in the applicable legislation, the Commission considers that it is legally admissible. At this stage, the Commission has not analyzed the initiative in substance.

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