#Brexit: Northern Ireland parties ‘determined to work together to secure the best possible outcome’ #JMC

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161024mcguinnessfosterNorthern Ireland has requested “in the clearest possible terms” to be “fully” represented in the negotiating process regarding future relationships with EU countries, they stated: “That must mean nothing less than high level and ongoing involvement in the process on a continuing basis.”

The First Minister the Rt. Hon. Arlene Foster (Democratic Unionist Party, supported Brexit) and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness (Sinn Fein, Irish nationalist, pro-Remain party), met in Downing Street at the Joint Ministerial Committee of  the devolved administrations along with Wales and Scotland.

The statement makes no secret that the two main parties in Northern Ireland came from very different positions on Brexit “as indeed on other issues”. Despite these differences Northern Ireland wants to secure the best possible outcome for Northern Ireland.

The ministers outlined their key priorities, including: “cross-border movement of people, goods and services; trading costs and business competitiveness; uncertainty on future EU funding; and, support for the agri-food sector”


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