Schulz on Ukrainian parliamentary elections

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bigCommenting on the Ukrainian parliamentary elections for the Verkhovna Rada, European Parliament Parliament Martin Schulz said: “I congratulate Ukrainian people for their courage and democratic resolve. The journey that started with the democratic resistance in Maidan and led to the regeneration of institutions with the election of a new president and parliament is now complete.

“The most serious existential crisis in Ukrainian history has mobilized Ukrainians like never before, for the first time forging a real political nation and cementing Ukraine’s European identity.

“Ukrainians can be proud of what they have achieved, of the freedom that they have regained through these orderly, fair and pluralist elections, as indicated by the electoral observation missions. They can now look at the future with renewed hope, expecting that their institutions will be accountable to them.

“In this spirit, the new Rada and government will now have the paramount challenge to work for a peaceful solution to the conflict, launch an economic rebirth with the help of Ukraine’s partners, kick-start key reforms especially with regard to the rule of law, the judicial system and rooting out chronic corruption.

“The only regret from yesterday’s elections is that Ukrainians in the rebel-held territories in the East of the country and in illegally annexed Crimea were not allowed to vote.”

The European Parliament has observed the elections in Ukraine with a delegation of 14 MEPs:

Mr Andrej PLENKOVIĆ, Croatia, EPP – Head of Delegation
Mr Joachim ZELLER, Germany, EPP
Ms Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT, Sweden, EPP
Mr Michal BONI, Poland, EPP
Ms Kati PIRI, Netherlands, S&D
Mr Tibor SZANYI, Hungary, S&D
Mr Miroslav POCHE, Czech Republic, S&D
Mr Ryszard CZARNECKI, Poland, ECR
Mr Johannes Cornelis van BAALEN, Netherlands, ALDE
Mr Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, Lithuania, ALDE
Mr Miloslav RANSDORF, Czech Republic, GUE/NGL
Ms Rebecca HARMS, Germany, Greens/EFA
Mr Valentinas MAZURONIS, Lithuania, EFDD


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