Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on imports of steel products from Brazil, Iran, Russia and Ukraine

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The EU has taken further action to protect EU steel producers from unfair competition. This latest action brings to 48 the number of measures in place against anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures in the steel sector. Hot-rolled flat steel products from Brazil, Iran, Russia and Ukraine will now face duties ranging between €17.6 and €96.5 per tonne, writes Catherine Feore.

After many complaints from beleaguered European producers, the European Union is finally taking action against unfair practices. The initial investigation also included Serbian producers, but the EU found that because of the small volume their impact was negligible.

In addition to these measures, the EU is trying to tackle the root causes of overcapacity in the global steel industry through its active involvement in the Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity established last year following commitments to address the problem at the G20 in Huangzhou last year.

The G20 committed to enhance communication and cooperation, and take effective steps to address the challenges so as to enhance market function and encourage adjustment. There will be a progress report at the next G20 Summit in 2017.

Trade defence instruments

The EU reached an important consensus with the European Parliament and Council this week on the future of Europe’s trade defence instruments (TDIs). The instruments should make it easier for European companies to file complaints on market distortions.

For the first time labour and environmental standards will be introduced into the assessment in TDIs. As soon as current anti-dumping duties in force today expire the will be replaced – if necessary – with anti-dumping measures under the new system.

The Commission will produce country reports assessing the overall situation in each country and also addressing sectoral issues. The first report will concern the situation in China and is likely to point to the price distortions in the steel sector. The China country report is likely to be published at the same time or closely following the formal adoption of the new rules, expected on 20 December.


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