#Huawei Abraham Liu: ‘Huawei helped millions of African people’

| June 24, 2019

At today’s (24 June) Bruegel event on ‘China’s Investments in Africa: Consequences for Europe’ held in Brussels, Abraham Liu (pictured), chief representative of Huawei to the EU institutions, has pointed out to the significant contribution of Huawei towards the ICT transformation in Africa.

“Many places in Africa are still waiting to be connected. However, we are pleased to see that many more regions in Africa are leapfrogging 20th century ICT infrastructures to land immediately the 21st century technologies without the burden of the legacy network. For example through the Huawei Mobile Money solution that we jointly launched with Safaricom, a leading mobile network operator partly owned by Vodafone, shortcomings of the local banking system are compensated, enabling 12.8 million Kenyan people to make cashless transactions through mobile phone banking. The broadband network speed in some capital cities in Africa is even ahead of its counterparts in Europe,” said Liu.

According to Liu: “With technologies like Huawei RuralStar, an innovative and simplified solution for rural area, we are providing more cost-effective connectivity to every corner in Africa. For example, Tobolo is a remote village in Nigeria and is 23 km from the nearest base station. In order to make a call, villagers have to drive their motorcycles several kilometers to find signals. On the day when the RuralStar site was installed, villagers formed a long queue to buy mobile phones. With the prevail of connectivity, mobile tariffs in Africa dropped from €5 per min in the early 2000 to several cents right now. Huawei helped millions of African people to be connected to each other and to the outside world.”


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