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The Top 10 Most Popular Stocks In Belgium




New research has revealed the most popular stocks in Belgium, with Tesla coming out on top, based on monthly Google searches. Nvidia takes second place on the list, NIO comes third.

The study by Journo Research, with the help of global fintech group Plus500, analysed the last 12 months of Google search data for 300 companies to see which ones received the most average monthly searches.

It found that Tesla is Belgium’s most popular stock, with an average of 82,025 monthly searches over the past year.

Nvidia ranks in second place, with 69,658 average monthly searches recorded over the past year.

Third on the list is NIO, which has an average of 44,850 monthly searches.

Ranking fourth on the list in Belgium is Microsoft, which comes in with 30,575 average monthly searches.

Rounding out the top five is AMC, which sees an average of 28,792 monthly searches for its stock in Belgium.


When looking at searches for Europe overall, Tesla leads with an average of 1,737,104 searches per month, followed by Nvidia with 1,042,002 searches and AMC with 661,488.


The top ten most popular stocks in Belgium
RankStockAverage Monthly Searches
6Plug Power26,033
Source: Google Keyword Planner

Monthly average search volume data was taken from Google Keyword Planner based on searches over the 12 months between May 2023 and April 2024 to reveal the rankings.

Stocks were analysed based on searches for:

[company name] + “stock”

[stock code] + “stock”

The combined search volume for each stock’s search terms was calculated and then used to rank the stocks from highest average monthly searches to lowest.

Companies were sourced based on the top global searches featuring the word ‘stock’.

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