Three reasons why #Students in Europe prefer private accommodation

| July 12, 2018

Dorms and university-run student housing used to be the main options for students looking for accommodation when studying abroad or in a new city. Dorms are relatively easy to find even today, mainly because top universities continue to provide them for new and existing students. In reality, however, more students now live in private accommodation instead of university-run properties. Foreign and domestic students alike are turning to private housing options and luxury accommodation, and there are a number of reasons behind that decision.

A chance to go independent

Despite being offered for a smaller fee, university-run dorms are seen as just as limiting as living at home. There are parent figures overseeing their activities and strict rules to follow. Modern students are far more independent thanks to the vast stream of information, so it is only natural that they seek an expanded level of freedom.

Private and luxurious accommodation for students is easier to find due to the spike in demand. They don’t usually come with strict rules to follow, but there are still some rules that students need to understand before moving in; most of the rules are designed to maintain the property itself rather than limit students’ activities.

The higher sense of independence is alluring too. It is not uncommon for students living in university dorms and managed housing options to move to private housing and apartments after a few months for the same reason.

More options to choose from

Another popular reason why students now prefer private accommodation, particularly in Europe and the UK, is the wealth of options on the market. More accommodation is being offered at reasonable prices, allowing students to pick one that suits their personal requirements best.

Some students band together and choose to rent a room or an apartment in the same building. Others go for better privacy and facilities by opting for private accommodation that they can enjoy on their own.

The available accommodation is more varied too. Aside from the budget options, students can now find luxury, high-tech, and even themed accommodation that suits them best. Some service providers even go as far as offering specific facilities for select students.

Better facilities for Tenants

Speaking of facilities, private accommodation also comes with more amenities. Student accommodation is no longer a scary word when you see the luxury options available on the market. Collegiate, a leading provider of luxury accommodation in UK and Europe, has properties with exceptional social areas, easy access to nearby facilities, and room amenities that deliver maximum comfort.

As mentioned before, some properties even go as far as offering added features and services. Students who don’t like to do laundry or cleaning can find private accommodation that offers daily housekeeping; it is like staying in a 5-star hotel, but without the hefty price tag.

Experts believe that private accommodation is only getting more popular as a wave of new, more modern students enter universities across the UK and Europe. Expect to see more options, better features, and more interesting offers flooding the market in response to the growing demand.


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