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Global Energy Security Conference centres on powering resources for humankind




energy2Security, sustainability and inclusiveness will be the dominant themes at the Global Diplomatic Forum Annual Conference organized in Greenwich in London on the 12-13 May.

The Global Energy Security Conference will bring together leading international experts in the field of energy security will be debating the most current issues in the field, including a way forward that can encompass the most vulnerable.

The participants will discuss energy sustainability in relation to decreased supply and rising demand globally, climate change, and the geo-political consequences of such trends in the Middle East and Eurasia. The second day of the conference will be dedicated to the programme 'Energy security for the most vulnerable', in association with the United Nations Foundations, which aims to broaden the access to energy for populations with limited access to resources.

In the words of former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali, who sent a message to Global Energy Security Conference: "The debate on energy security has predominantly focused on the challenges of industrialized countries, leaving the needs of three quarters of humanity essentially unmet. It's time, through this conference, to send a strong message to global leaders and mobilize public opinion into action."

More than 150 guests are expected at the two-day conference that will feature high-level speakers and will be chaired by Lord Redesdale, Edward Lucas from The Economist, Poppy Trowbridge from Sky News and Vandana Gombar from Bloomberg New Energy Finance . Lord Smith, the chairman of the Environment Agency, deliver the opening statement of the conference.

With its annual conference, the Global Diplomatic Forum aims to reaffirm its role as a high-level, multi-stakeholder actor, as well as its interest in contributing to global change through specialized knowledge and dialogue.

The Global Energy Security Conference is sponsored by The Royal Borough of Greenwich, Visit Greenwich, BBC Monitoring and supported by the United Nations Foundation.


The Global Diplomatic Forum is an independent not for profit organization based in London.

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