#SibiuSummit: 210 Mayors across Europe call for halving emissions by 2030 going to zero by 2050

Details of the Sunship in green City, Freiburg. The solar sunship is in the solar village Vauban in Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany. It is known for its use of alternative and renewbale energy.

In an unprecedented and highly ambitious initiative 210 cities representing over 62 million citizens responded thanks to a coordinated appeal with the networks Energy Cities, C40, Eurocities, Fedarene, CEMR, ICLEI and Climate Alliance.

In a joint letter to EU leaders gathering in Sibiu, Romania, the mayors are calling for far greater ambition in cutting carbon emissions. The letter calls for a peak in emissions by next year, more than halving emissions by 2030 and a net zero EU by 2050.

The letter was sent to leaders within the European Commission, Member States’ governments, MEPs and other leaders.

The goal is to influence the creation of the EU’s 2050 Long-Term Strategy. Cities need to have a vital role in developing that strategy as the elected leaders who will be most responsible delivering these ambitious goals.

That complete strategy will not be decided in Sibiu, but mayors want to underline their support for an ambitious approach. The Council is hoping to adopt its Strategic Agenda for 2019 – 2024 at its summit on 20 – 21 June. Both the European Commission and Council have set out their broad brush commitments, but it is hoped that the final Strategic Agenda will have more precise objectives.

The collection of signatures will continue leading up to the Sustainable Development Goals meeting at the UN in New York this September. If your city hasn’t been able to sign yet, the cities would be happy to hear from your city and include it in the list. If you know a city that might be interested contact Adrian Hiel [email protected]

The mayors and heads of local governments argue in their letter to the leaders that they will play a central role in delivering on the 1.5 C goal of the Paris Agreement, by developing and implementing ambitious local plans and working with citizens, business and civil society to achieve sustainable change. However, they say that cities need an enabling European framework and action by national government to guarantee long-term stability, determination and resources to support their climate efforts.

In their letter, the mayor’s write:

“We hope that our leadership will inspire you to raise your ambition and give you confidence that net-zero emissions by mid-century is not only necessary and desirable – it is achievable if we work together. We encourage you to embrace this responsibility, and we, the mayors, will share the task of implementing it, for the benefit of European citizens and the wider world.”


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