#CleanMobility for cleaner air: New Commission-owned emissions labs

| October 12, 2018

Following the adoption of the new EU car type approval Regulation, the Commission is investing in two additional state-of-the-art emission testing facilities, called VELA (Vehicle Emissions Laboratories), which will be operated by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Clean air is a top Commission priority as recalled in the Clean Air For All Communication in May. Ensuring that car emissions are being measured accurately is one of a wide variety of measures which can be used to reach our objective. Following stakeholder consultation and official adoption at EU level, new, more accurate emissions tests became mandatory in 2017.

The EU has also overhauled the car type-approval and market surveillance framework, which will be applicable from September 2020. As foreseen, the Commission is now adding two VELA laboratories to the current four to be able to carry out market checks of cars independently of member states. The two new laboratories will be ready in February 2019 and are scheduled to start in 2020 to test cars in the laboratory (WLTP) and in real driving situation (RDE).

The new type-approval rules will allow the Commission to take direct action with an EU-wide recall of non-conformant vehicles. At the moment this is the responsibility of member states and recall rates, which the Commission publishes regularly, differ substantially across Europe. Yesterday, the Environment Council discussed the related issue of air quality problems and second-hand diesel cars. Commissioner for the Environment Karmenu Vella represented the Commission and underlined that “prices of second-hand diesel cars are dropping and that makes some people happy, but many others are suffering from poor air quality. We cannot allow shifting local air quality problems from West to East within the Union by exporting polluting diesel cars.”

A web item on the VELA testing facilities is available online.


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