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European Green Deal

In the climate protests and the European Elections, the future of the Green Deal is at stake




The European Greens stand resolutely with the people demanding urgent climate action across Europe today and over the next few days. The Greens issue a stark warning: votes for right-wing and far-right parties put the future of the Green Deal and the planet at risk.

Speaking from the climate march in Amsterdam, European Green lead candidate Bas Eickhout said: “Protesters, activists and green politicians showed it before: we can change the course of politics by taking to the streets for climate action. This helped tremendously in pushing for the Green Deal.  In next week’s elections voters will be able to push for climate action again. Last spring liberals and conservatives started looking for ways to water down the Green Deal. They voted against restoring  European nature. Stopping climate change is a long term commitment that needs more action, instead of less. That is why we protest today all over Europe. That is also why next week’s elections are so important: the future of the Green Deal and climate action are at stake.”

European Green top candidate Terry Reintke, marching in the climate protest in Berlin, added: "Five years ago, after the Fridays for Future marches where millions of students went to the streets, the European leaders promised action. The Greens delivered: we have the strongest voting track record for climate action in the European Parliament, and now we will fight relentlessly for the future of the Green Deal. We are the only ones with concrete plans to advance the Green Deal and expand it into a Green and Social Deal that leaves no one behind. If you are worried about the climate, join the climate movement on the streets, and vote Green in the European elections next week.”

In 2021, floods swept Europe, killing over 200 people and destroying homes. In 2022, the summer’s record-breaking heat waves caused over 60,000 premature deaths. And last year an area twice the size of Luxembourg was burnt in wildfires across Europe.

The Green parties advocate for a massive investment plan to strengthen a future-proof European economy, moving away from the polluting, fossil fuel-addicted production methods. A Green Deal that creates jobs, ensures safe and healthy living, and provides new perspectives for all. Eickhout and Reintke insisted that the pressure from the climate movement has helped make the European Green Deal a reality. Now it’s time to defend it against the conservative and far-right backlash and to be even more ambitious for a greener future.


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