Labour MEPs elected to top jobs in European Parliament

579735dc32c7c24db3215e56da51d2e4On 7 July, Labour MEPs were elected to key positions in the European Parliament. Claude Moraes MEP is the new chair of the civil liberties committee, and Linda McAvan MEP is the new chair of the development committee. Three Labour MEPs have also been elected as vice chairs – Afzal Khan (security committee), Derek Vaughan (budgetary control committee) and Catherine Stihler (internal market committee).

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in Europe, said: “The election of Labour MEPs to these important positions highlights once again that we are the only UK party with real influence.

“Tory MEPs, following David Cameron’s lead, are isolated, friendless and on the fringes; UKIP’s MEPs choose to do nothing; and you can fit the Liberal Democrats into a Brussels broom cupboard, with room to spare.

“As we have done over the past five years, Labour’s MEPs will continue to work hard to improve the lives of our constituents and make Europe work better for Britain.”

Claude Moraes, MEP for London, the first Asian chair of the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee, said: “The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee is one of the busiest legislative committees within the European Parliament and plays a pivotal role in protecting fundamental rights in the UK.

“As lead on the electronic mass surveillance inquiry following the Snowden revelations, one of the key priorities for me is to ensure the European Parliament will continue to follow the recommendations of our report to implement a Digital Bill of Rights to safeguard British citizens’ right to privacy.

“We will also work on other crucial areas for the UK including cross boarder crime; the fight against terrorism; asylum and immigration; and fighting discrimination, including better LGBTI rights.”

Linda McAvan, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, new chair of the European Parliament’s development committee, said: “I am delighted to have been elected as the chair of the European Parliament’s International Development committee, and am grateful for colleagues’ support. I will work to ensure the committee plays a full part in tackling poverty across the world.

“The next Parliament will bring a huge opportunity to make progress in the developing world through the UN’s post-Millennium Development Goals, the European Year of Development (2015) and the UN climate summit in Paris next year. My task is to ensure the committee has a strong voice on these issues, and I relish the challenge that brings.

“This position is a great opportunity for us as Labour MEPs. We can advance our cause for social justice, and demonstrate the added impact that working with across countries across the EU can have. I look forward to working with all those active on development policy in the period to come.”

For more on Claude’s election as chair of the European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, click here.  For more on Linda’s election as chair of the European Parliament Development Committee, click here.


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