ACI EUROPE ensures effective airport participation in SESAR Deployment

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5949_NATS_ME_Microsite_CarouselImages_1On 5 December, a unique industry consortium representing airlines, airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission for the modernization of Europe’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.

According to this agreement, the SESAR Deployment Alliance which comprises 4 airline groups, 25 major European airports and 11 ANSPs will – as of 1 January 2015 – become the SESAR Deployment Manager, the EU-mandated body tasked with the development and implementation of a plan for the deployment of a set of initial Air Traffic Management (ATM) processes and technologies developed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU).

ACI EUROPE has coordinated and ensured the participation of the airport industry in the SESAR Deployment Alliance through the creation of the SESAR Airport Grouping – a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). SESAR includes innovations that will directly enhance airports (airport throughput and automation), enabling the optimisation of their operations and their better connection to the wider European network. Implementation will require the active involvement of airport operators and significant investments.

The SESAR Airport Grouping is initially focused on the top 25 European airports, which are considered as the nodes of the ATM network and where congestion has the widest impact. However, it can be extended overtime to all ACI EUROPE airport members that would fall within the scope of the SESAR deployment. Through the SESAR Airport Grouping, ACI EUROPE has ensured that its airport members will be entitled to receive European financial support for preparation the technologies and processes that will become mandatory under the Deployment plan. In total, the EC has earmarked €3 billion for the deployment of SESAR by airlines, airports and ANSPs.

ACI EUROPE Director General Olivier Jankovec said: “The fact that the airlines, airports and ANSPs are now in charge of collaboratively deploying SESAR is a significant and meaningful step forward for the Single European Sky. We are entering an exciting new phase – moving from concepts to real life operations. As part of this challenge, we will be focusing on making sure that airports are required to deploy what is truly necessary for improving performance – the “must-haves” rather than the “nice-to-haves”. For airports, deploying SESAR will be primarily about optimising safe ground operations with all operational stakeholders involved. This will allow us to sweat our assets and deliver capacity gains – which will translate into tangible cost efficiencies for airlines and improved punctuality for passengers.”


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