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UKIP blasts European Parliament for passing TTIP resolution in crucial vote




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william-dartmouth-MEP"The people interested in protection of the NHS, in consumer rights and a legal system fair to small businesses will be angry with this decision of the European Parliament to pass TTIP," said UKIP trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP (pictured).

Speaking outside the chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg after MEPs voted overwhelmingly to pass the negotiating position of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership he added: "This is a very damaging vote by MEPs which will hurt free trade and the financial well-being of patients, consumers and workers.

"The EU should not manipulate the UK's trade nor, that of any other member state in order to promote the political pretentions of a wannabe European super state. "

UKIP MEP Dartmouth put forward amendments which he said: "require the commission to exclude specifically our British National Health Service from TTIP in its entirety." One such amendment was  roundly defeated   142-507.

He lambasted the voting record of Labour MEPs over this matter who he claimed consistently voted to undermine "legal protections for the NHS. UKIP stands up for the NHS even as the Labour party does not."

An amendment was put forward by the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group, of which UKIP is part, to prevent the creation of ISDS, a private corporate-led arbitration court which would allow multinationals to sue states if their profits were challenged.

Because of what Dartmouth described as "political chicanery and Machiavellian manoeuvring" all amendments to try to stop ISDS were not even allowed to be voted on.


The Socialist amendment on ISDS (no 117) was passed by 447 votes  to 229.

Dartmouth said: "This Socialist Group amendment is basically ISDS-lite which still allows corporate investors to sue states outside normal courts for making democratic decisions. It makes no major difference to the ISDS mechanism at all. I am confident people will not be fooled by it."

The final vote on the TTIP resolution was 436 votes in favour, 241 votes opposed with 32 abstentions.

South-west MEP Dartmouth concluded: "The only way that citizens can defeat TTIP now is to vote to leave the European Union.  UKIP is the only major party opposed to TTIP  and we will continue the good fight, but while members of the EU, it is virtually impossible to prevent such EU legislation being forced upon us against our will. "

The EFDD Group of which UKIP is part, has just started a Facebook campaign against TIIP which already has 70 thousand viewers of the video.

The video is here.

The EFDD Group Facebook video link is here.

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