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#StrongerIn: Denis Macshane - Let’s Stay Together: Why Yes to Europe




Former-British-Labour-Par-008I have a new pro-Europe or anti-Brexit short book out next week. It’s called Let’s Stay Together: Why Yes to Europe.

It is already up on Amazon - see below.  I understand that to get the book higher up the Amazon list interest or even a purchase (it’s only £4.99) has to be shown so if you can help in any way by searching for it or even forking out I’d be very grateful.

I understand that Gordon Brown will soon publish his 150,000 word tome on Europe.  I am sure it will be a best-seller but mine is shorter and livelier. It is an effort to stir up some enthusiasm for all the positive reasons we should have to be proud of the creation of an integrated open border Europe and we should resist the calls of those who want to deny to the next generation the privileges we have enjoyed from the creation and existence of rules and agreements that break down national barriers and ensure conflict is impossible as was the norm in Europe for decades before.

Warning : There is not much about trade, jobs or economics in it.

I would be grateful for your views and indeed any Amazon reviews as my friends at Amazon say that it how to get a book moving up Amazon lists. I'm doing debates at Waterstones and other literary festivals starting, with one on Thursday 28 April at Waterstone’s Kings Road, London with Simon Heffer, who is an old friend but who is in love with Brexit.

Dr. Denis Macshane

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This title will be released on 3 May, 2016

Pre-order now.

Let's Stay Together: Why Yes to Europe Paperback – 3 May 2016

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