#DataProtection: European cloud-sharing platforms essential with Trump administration

| February 1, 2017 | 0 Comments
patriot-2-surveillanceJames Kinsella, the founder of Zettabox, a European-based cloud-sharing platform, launched to address data protection, advises businesses to protect their customers’s data in Europe, given the Trump administration’s priorities. 
Kinsella says that Donald Trump now controls the world’s most sophisticated machinery of surveillance, “Given that his “foreign policy” has two priorities: an end to the European Union, and a strong embrace of Russia. What does that mean for your data? Nothing good.

Millions of people protested on the streets against Trump last weekend. Here is how Europeans can protest and protect their data at the same time – and remember, failing to protect European citizens’ data will soon start costing business in Europe, in fines as much as 4% of their global revenues.

Here’s what European businesses can do now:

  1. Keep your data in Europe. The US Freedoms Act gives Donald Trump access to your data no matter where it sits, as long as it is on servers of companies owned by US companies. That includes Microsoft, Google, Dropbox and Box. You have a choice.
  2. Support European Union cloud businesses. This is crucial to the future economy of the EU. Europeans can give up their data and their freedom to dominant US players, or they can help build businesses that are independent of the US and comply with European Union laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation.
  3. Demand that institutions that depend on your European taxes support European Union businesses. That includes the European Union, the European Commission and organizations such as Géant, the consortium of 10,000 universities and academic institutions. While Trump takes control of the data of Europeans – most of which sits in the US or on servers controlled by US companies – European institutions are very slow to react. Many of them blithely purchase US data products that, in order to comply to US law, must be prepared to provide Trump European citizens’ data.

Europe, don’t sleepwalk into the current data crisis facing European citizens’ private details. Conceding to Trump on data brings him one step closer to one of his goals: the demise of the European Union.

You don’t need to join a street protest. Or write a letter. Or even feel anxious about what Trump is doing to the European Union. Fight back by taking control of your data – in Europe.”


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