#Brexit – May to hold a series of MPs’ votes on options

| December 20, 2018

Theresa May is now thought to be in favour of giving MPs a vote on alternatives to her plans when they debate her Brexit deal, writes the BBC.

The prime minister was previously thought to be against this idea.

But sources have told the BBC she wants the “meaningful vote” planned for the third week of January to be a “moment of reckoning” for Brexit.

It comes as the cabinet announced it was stepping up preparations in case there is a no-deal Brexit on 29 March.

The votes would be on amendments to the motion on her Brexit deal – and would take place before the key vote on her plan.

The Brexit deal Theresa May has reached with the EU has to be passed by Parliament but most MPs – including many on her own side – are against it.

She had been planning to present Parliament with a choice between her deal and no-deal, hoping that enough MPs would swallow their objections and get behind her version of Brexit.

But MPs are showing few signs of changing their minds – with some hoping that the next step after her deal being rejected would be leaving without a deal, others hoping for a fresh referendum and some backing alternative deals like the ones Norway or Canada have with the EU.

So rather than wait for what seems like an inevitable defeat, she is thought to be planning a new approach.

The prime minister does not believe any of the factions criticizing her plan have enough support to get their own version of Brexit through Parliament.

By allowing them to put forward their proposals and vote on them, she is hoping they will be defeated and her plan will emerge by a process of elimination as the best and only alternative to leaving without a deal.


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