Organic and safe #Fertilizers in the EU

| January 24, 2019
Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee members has endorsed a deal struck with the Council on the new rules for placing fertilizing products on the EU market. The existing EU rules currently do not cover all types of fertilizers.

“This regulation, part of the Circular Economy Package, opens up the internal market for all types of fertilizing products. Farmers and producers will benefit from the new law as administrative burdens will be scaled back,” said Mihai Ţurcanu MEP, the European Parliament’s Rapporteur for the new law on CE-marked fertilizing products, after the approval of the deal in the European Parliamentary committee.

The new rules will ease access to the EU Single Market for fertilizers from organic or recycled materials and will set limits for cadmium. “The agreed text will significantly reduce health and environmental risks for consumers and make it easier for producers to sell fertilizers across the EU,” stressed the rapporteur. The limits for cadmium content, a heavy metal which poses a serious health and environmental risk, have been set at 60mg/kg and will be applied three years after the entry-into-force of the new rules.

“A single, harmonized limit is finally in place at European level for all contaminants, especially for cadmium, which is the one that worries the member states most,” said Elisabetta Gardini MEP, EPP Group spokeswoman in the Environment Committee. “Since this is a very sensitive issue, the cadmium limit established by the Regulation can be reviewed after seven years from its entry-into-force,” she said.

“This deal is a great success for the EPP Group. We have brought home an excellent result for SMEs. The new rules for fertilizers include reasonable limits for contaminants,” concluded Gardini.


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